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  1. nope... that was a rumour... if your thinking of the same thing as i am... although, there is a mod which changes the maverick to a UFO...
  2. zavian

    New talk

    wouldnt that be the same as having to use all-seeing-eye to connect to a server? its third party software that is "recommended" to be used...
  3. just wondering if the "less bugs" includes that disconnecting thing? i skimmed through the post so im not sure if this was asked in this topic...
  4. LMAO but seriously... im thinkin of installin XP or 2000 on a different hard drive... that is if they dont release a patch first... either way... what connection do you have?
  5. there is really only 100 health.. when you get to 800, you die... thats so you dont actually die and get sent to the hospital. and remember, they rushed this release so they couldnt keep all the features(proper teams, game mods, etc)... 0.4 is supposed to include that stuff... or atleast thats what i heard.
  6. zavian

    it dont start

    check the problems and bugs forum.. and a quick answer is to alt+tab out of gta3 and then disconnect and quickly reconnect back to the same server... then press send game request... then go back to gta3 and it should work.
  7. buntty... after reconnecting, did you press "send game request"? also, i was testing it today and saw a bunch of the guys on the roof just jump off... then they started running down to that one corner... but the strange part is is that one of the "zombies" was shooting the others... then they all stopped a few moments later... oh well...
  8. i thought the win98 patch was for that runtime error... i guess i'll check it out then... works for ME too right? edit: after testing it, i noticed hat the cars flew for a longer period of time... but other then that the only other thing it changed was that i started getting the 10035 error... but, ill keep tryin.
  9. just wanted to point out some spelling errors... unless its a different language... many months are spelled wrong or a different language(unsure)... not a big deal if you ask me, just wondering if you knew...
  10. the highest my cable connection went was around 400kbs a sec... but i cant use that connection for MTA... its hosting a webpage.
  11. i noticed it never saves for me... i put it on v1.0 and it says changes will take effect next time i start the console... but it doesnt save it.. it always goes back to blank... anyone know a solution to this?
  12. well... im not exactly sure if it this is normal or not but my MTA always says that im idle... whether im on foot or in a car... i realized this when i saw a screenshot in that bug report topic and saw that their MTA said on foot... my specs: p3 1000mhz Windows ME 256mb Ram GTA3 v1.0 56k just wondering if this is normal or if its a prob with my computer/setup.
  13. i think that that happens when you dont have the server ip right... it happened to me when i copied the ip from ASE and forgot to take off the :2003...
  14. okay, first of all i am on a 56k... i have a question first... is MTA supposed to save my settings(that i have a 56k, and am on v1.0)... cause it always resets even though it says itll take effect on the next launch of the console. anyways, i noticed that while playing in a game of MTA earilier that i would seem to disconnect when i alt-tabbed back into gta3... well after a second or so... so then i began to experiment... i found a stopped player who was in a car... so i disconnected and reconnected.., as soon as i hit send gme request, i went back to gta3 and started shooting the car... to
  15. even though this isnt the right place to post this prob(isnt this forum for MTA only?)... you have to enable Vsync on your monitor i think. its either in VC's options or your comp's display options...basically, what is happening to your monitor is called "tearing"... i think it happens when your monitor's refresh rate isnt fast enough for the game... or somethin... try gtaforums.com
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