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  1. @thisdp I was testing your resource and noticed that it uses a massive amount of CPU, the performancebrowser said it was using around 80%, and it was only drawing a single edit box.
  2. Hello, I'm creating this topic so other server owners can comment on how they handle donation chargebacks (mostly PayPal ones). I'm one of the owners of SAUR:RPG, and over the years we got plenty of chargebacks, some were for unauthorized access (stolen CC/PP), others were just for "item not received", and I find this last one really weird to be honest, since it's a donation and not a purchase, so what "item" does PayPal think the donator did not receive? Mostly we can win chargebacks which aren't for unauthorized access (unless PayPal finds out it's not true), but other times PayPal decides the case on the donator's favor. So, the point of this topic is to share the ways other servers handle chargebacks. I appreciate any helpful comment. Regards, Castillo.
  3. Castillo

    Chat Login

    El jugador puede usar el comando "showchat" en la consola para mostrar el chat, eso no es una solucion muy valida que digamos.
  4. Have you seen the topic start date and when was the last reply?
  5. Ninguno de esos scripts tiene el evento "onFloodGui".
  6. You should really pay attention to the topic creation date.
  7. Castillo

    Disconnected !

    We disallow these kind of mods for a reason. Your only option is to restore these files.
  8. Porque no los compilas y listo?
  9. @Bc#: La 'L' en 'local' esta en mayuscula.
  10. Castillo


    Podes usar el argumento "wordWrap" de dxDrawText.
  11. _getRandomPlayer = getRandomPlayer local lastPlayer function getRandomPlayer ( ) local player = _getRandomPlayer ( ) if ( isElement ( lastPlayer ) and lastPlayer ~= player ) then repeat player = _getRandomPlayer ( ) until ( lastPlayer ~= player ) end lastPlayer = player return player end Esta funcion deberia hacer lo que vos queres, el jugar nunca sera el mismo que la ultima vez.
  12. We don't give support with leaked scripts. Topic locked.
  13. Castillo


    What exactly are you trying to do? change the target player vehicle color every 10s?
  14. Resource has been suspended. Next time report it here: