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  1. Hey guys im currently advertising. Ive recruitied alot of people but only 1 now plays mta. Oh and i know another mod but it dosent look as nearly good as mta (no offense) and its called myriad island. Do you have to have gta3 or vice city on the computer to play it?
  2. Dude thats wicked. Oh and my fave radio station is lips106 .
  3. I would like to advertise MTA. Im going to try and do it later. Ill go to some froums and advertise. Lets hope alot of people i advertise to have gta3 or vice city on their computer. Oh and do you need gta3 or vic city for your computer to play myriad islands? Oh and y b-day is in 5 days oh yea!
  4. Hello and welcome to the forums. Im not really sure what to do. Delete some files that you dont need on your computer.
  5. Hey we all do stupid things in life so theirs not much to argue about. So hows the server going?
  6. Wow im surprised only 1 person hates perrnial. I only hate 2 cars, Perrnial Moonbeam (In GTA3 i have had a gray one for 2 years its in my garage in portland. I never drive it.
  7. Hey atleast im not a pothead. We just do it for fun. We just cut the tallgrass and sit on it. It makes comfy seats. Oh and dont flame me becuase that wont help out in anything. I dont want an argument.
  8. Yeah last night i saw your server on. So do you guys actually smoke weed? Oh and on 4:20 day we have a patch of tall grass by my school and we went thir and pretented to smoke lol.
  9. wert


    I am going to download MTA3 and i cant find the page where you have to download MTA3. If it matters where i live when downloading i live in canada. Thanks.
  10. I could download it at school. I would have to ask my friend if i can use one of his blank cds. But thought if my friends saw me or anything like that they would tell teh teacher saying Look that kid is downloading GTA in a catholic school. NOT GOOD! Right now im playing some online lego game wher ya build wit a lot of people. I hade the game in teh Recycle bin
  11. I have all the GTA's Even the old ones. Maybe i will download it. When the time is right though I just want to try playing it multiplayer. Also what would you rate this game out of 10? What would be the best MTA game version so far?
  12. Oh i see. Very cool. Too bad i cant download games my parents wont let me and if i did i could get in very big trouble.
  13. Hello im new and saw a game called MTA and it looks good. Im not aloud to downloead things on my computer so im curious thet what can you do? Can you do team battles, race, kill and other stuff? Im would just like to know please and thnak you.
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