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  1. is this your site?? http://www.gta3mta.tk/ if not isnt this site copyrighted???
  2. slothman said something about MP missions in gta3 where are they??
  3. PASS i dunno, coz im a n00b!!
  4. KILLZ0R

    Pwnage pics

    thnx, for not flamin' me!!
  5. KILLZ0R

    Pwnage pics

    WTF does lmfao mean (flame me for being a dumbass, then tell me!!!!!) BTW nice pwnage!!!
  6. KILLZ0R

    2nd Stunt Vid

    oopsies, my bad. Sorry
  7. KILLZ0R

    2nd Stunt Vid

    I'd like to point you to MAD_BOY's video that he released recently, that he spent less than one day on, yet is still better than this http://www.faut.nl/downloads/cse.wmv how the hel did you do all that?!?!?!? If thats crap whats excellent!!!!! Cos that was WACK!!!! (in a good way) Can some1 please teach me how to do stunting!! COZ U GUYS R ACE!!! How long have you been practising??
  8. "We could sync peds, and its somthing we might look into post blue" THANKS!!!! WTF?? Lan server?? You dont need to make one!!. you just set up your own ( i play over lan) server. i log on to the server (pc which im using as server is same as one im playing vice city on) with (own pc IP address) and default hole 2003 (i've forgotten what you call it) WAIT ITS CALLED A SOCKET!! then my friends log on to the server with my internal ip address (EG: (:2003 is the socket)
  9. but what about the car paths, once the car is stolen the npc either dies or dissapears!! ANd what happened to the wanted levels??
  10. thnx but couldnt we make a seperate server for ppl hu have broadband what would be better was if we could have the car paths put back in!!! and what would be really cool would be that we could do the missions MP oh yeah, and how do you spawn cars
  11. How about making a modification, where there is a games store where you can play the degenatron, and the high scores would get updated (go to http://www.degenatron.com/ i dont think these games are copy righted!!) and you could put in some other side games for people, like erm.. well contests, like shooting contests and fighting/boxing contests!! AND PLEASE MAY SOMEONE TELL ME WHY THE HELL WE CANT HAVE PEDS I did do some searching, but found nothing of any interest in this forum. The ped paths are NOT hard coded in the exe, they are NOT hard to change (i'll edit this post if i can find this
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