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  1. Team Star is restarting soon!!!! If you wanna join see pg 1, Restarting in the next 2 months these smilies are cool
  2. Star_Trey

    Join [COPS] Clan

    Guys join, its great fun
  3. Star_Trey

    Join [COPS] Clan

    That sounds like great fun!!! If you are still looking for members contact me (stuartorrock@hotmail.com for msn) My clan is....lets say temporarily on hiatus
  4. Right, im gonna put the team temporarily on hiatus (hold for all you others) I'l restart us when i reget broadband. See ya soon guys
  5. What did i just say? I cant scan any and connection almost always times out
  6. I could before but ive had to use dial-up for a while, broadband fooked up and stopped connecting. Besides, TS has been going for 6months just joined here today
  7. I've tried but the connection times out on almost all of the servers mta scans for, whats a good one?
  8. ARGH!!!!! I can't take it anymore!!
  9. Are you people gonna find us more members just just wish us good luck?
  10. Star_Trey

    Join Team Star

    Team Star is recruiting! Anyone can join as long as you speak english, have MTA V0.5 and MSN Messenger. If you wanna join add stuartorrock@hotmail.com to your contacts.
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