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  1. We decided that StK:s time is over. StK started 14.11.2004 and ended 28.7.2005. I wanna thank Palster, Boxman, Zami, Jitso and others. We had got great time together. Its over now. I've got nothing else to say. [stK]MiGu
  2. But Beagle is honorary and im leader, i make decisions. I didn't want to reround but referees forced me to do reround with dropping in euna.
  3. Beagle was lagging? All know that. What is so special about it.
  4. Have you proof that he stayed on ground over 1 minute? Becose i didn't saw anything special. EDIT. Do you know how long time 1 minute is in battle? When is saw Beagle and 3 XII with cars to drive over him he was on ground 5-10 seconds. And Razor and Furiouz lag as Beagle?
  5. http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=12673 I think that Gunny is GREAT clown. Is that right that he was refereeing StK vs XII match? I dont think that Gunny is right person to referee.
  6. I think that someone else dont like you than StK.
  7. Yes we won XII match 2 - 1 to StK. Edit. Gunny, how old are you? Older than u Always you can say in internet that you are "Older than me" but in real life you are 12 years old.
  8. Yes we won XII match 2 - 1 to StK. Edit. Gunny, how old are you?
  9. [uVA]Gunny: StK disqualified from tourny if refusal to restart round Thats the reason why we redo round. We dont want to drop from EUNA becose reason is nothing. But i see that we dropped from EUNA becose we do everything right? XII sucks. Edit. And final is [FMJ] vs [RP] And who decided referees?
  10. Nobody wasn't pausing? Beagle just lagged, thats all. And Razor and Furiouz lagged as like Beagle. 2 - 1 to StK.
  11. There is pics from ping: http://koti.mbnet.fi/mikaelpe/MTA/Matsit/mtascreen-8416.JPG http://koti.mbnet.fi/mikaelpe/MTA/Matsit/mtascreen-8417.JPG http://koti.mbnet.fi/mikaelpe/MTA/Matsit/mtascreen-8418.JPG http://koti.mbnet.fi/mikaelpe/MTA/Matsit/mtascreen-8419.JPG
  12. so ot was 5 RP vs 1 XII & you cudnt find 1 XII? so you redo? ..if it was liek that then the redo was unfair. I was 2 meters on last XII [XII]Razor and he writed /kill.
  13. We not take rematch or reround NEVER vs XII We know that Beagle was lagging but Razor and Furious was lagging too. What is the reason of rematch? Gunny and Hieu sucks i think. Gunny is wants that XII won becose UVA lose to us. I think this is very unfair. IF YOU SPEAK TRUE STK WON 2 - 1.
  14. Gunny and Hieu was on XII:s side. What rule we broke that round must restart? Logs http://koti.mbnet.fi/mikaelpe/MTA/Matsit/EUNA/6.6.2005stkvsxii2-1.txt
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