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  1. Lol only server i know doing that is the skullbreakers clan server running rpg for gta vc. u cant kill people of same skin hehe its cool u should try it.
  2. we had seprate game hours while i was in school (ooh yaa i did go to school too ooh wait did i?? ) anyways they were old and games were old too the first games that ever came out i played on them so i can proudly call my self the oldest gamer.Used to play on machines older than 386 that used to boot with a floppy drives and also the games were on floppies. Plus i think there should be a chat room cause this is totally way off topic and needs to close before i start cursing again on slut (oops slothman i think) Flees dont mind my Finglish cause i never studied finglish (englisj) was too bus
  3. hmm never hear of such problem ever r u using linux system? i mean how and when did your files become read only ??
  4. hey mta team is there a dude named terminator on ur team he comes to servers and says he is on mta team and is from autralia is there a dude on mta team from australia and uses terminator name?
  5. so whats blue for than just VC?? no, super mario 3 vc and probably gtasa (if possible) ROLMAO i love Supermario 3 so now we can play supermario 3 online with blue ? ROFLMAO
  6. yaa but i love the skull breakers rpg server it runs on gta3 too really awesome when u bomb people and kill them its so fun. here try this : For mta0.5 Gta3 sbgta3server.no-ip.org Port 2005 (i think statuon) For Mta 0.5 Gta VC sbmtaserver.no-ip.org Port 2004 (ultimate RPG) For MTA 0.5 Stunt sbmtaserver.no-ip.info Port 2004 (no rpg here ofcourse) For MTA 0.5 Gta 3 sbgta3server.no-ip.info Port 2005 ( maybe shorside)
  7. What poll how many knew of that poll or is it just a lame excuse? start a poll again now for blue and lets see what community says
  8. i dont get it why use olis script i havent used it for 2 months now cause its too laggy for me.
  9. blade109

    Development Update

    why do people deviate from the original topic what the fuk does that mean dude?
  10. EAt that mr XCR wat a nice name what does that mean ?
  11. lol dude try to read the scripts i started my from scratch and one day decided to fuk scripts and i did and managed to become a good editor i can edit almost any script apart from olis cause i dont use olis script at all and is too hi-fi for me lol i have to admit . but for simple scripts u dont need extensive knowledge just edit some few test and test again it takes lots of time dude so get to work today. and its a hassle to teach unless u start urself first look for what if and else loops are in C language u have to follow the simple rules in C language like { } should be at right places an
  12. ROb why dont u tell that u used to use hacks on ur old mta before 0.5 u forgot to mention that lol
  13. lol there u go one reply from one P.O.S u will see more werth so welcome to the party
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