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  1. Click here! I think you need this resource?!
  2. When I want to login, I can check the box with: "Log me in everytime I visit", but when I check this box, I still have to login each time I visit. Is this a bug or my problem?
  3. Cornelis


    guiCreateStaticImage getGameType setGameType
  4. addEventHandler("onPlayerDamage",getRootElement(), function(attacker,weapon,bodypart,loss) if getWeaponNameFromID(weapon) == 16 then triggerClientEvent ( "onGrenadeEvent", root, "text" ) elseif getWeaponNameFromID(weapon) == 18 then triggerClientEvent ( "onMolotowEvent", root, "text" ) end end ) Didn't test it. Show us the client codes, then we can fix those.
  5. My intention is too make it MySQL, but I want the whole gamemode to be done first, then I'll re-script the login/register script with MySQL. *NOTE: I've my exams at the moment, so I won't script for another week or so. Screenshots coming later!
  6. I'm not sure, but I think this is a bit unnecessary: resetTimer ( payTimer )
  7. If you show your whole script, maybe I can help you further.
  8. Some more pictures coming tomorrow! Will spend some more time on the finishing touch! EDIT: Two pictures added!
  9. bool guiGridListSetItemColor ( element gridList, int rowIndex, int columnIndex, int red, int green, int blue[, int alpha = 255 ] )
  10. I know the name is a bit obvious, but I was searching for an abbreviation like wtf or omg. So I came with the idea Online Multiplayer Game..
  11. I didn't deleted it, but I just editted the sizes! Thanks for helping me!!
  12. Even why I'm not using "AlwaysOnTop" it ain't working
  13. Like you see in the picture I used a gridlist to made it look a bit better,, so that's why I'm using "AlwaysOnTop". Could that be the problem?
  14. Hi, I've got some problems with editing my login script (Login script made for: my gamemode) This is the code I'm using. The error I get is when I try to click on the edit, the cursor inside the edit isn't showing and I can't write in it... createCharacterWindowNameEdit = guiCreateEdit (0.475, 0.095, 0.475, 0.065, "", true, createCharacterWindow) guiEditSetMaxLength (createCharacterWindowNameEdit, 15) guiSetProperty (createCharacterWindowNameEdit, "AlwaysOnTop", "True") Picture: Thanks, Cornelis.
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