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  1. Yes i can play on single player, this error started sometime ago, 1 day i was playing good and then i turned off the pc, go sleep and when i get up and open mta this error has appeard forever
  2. I have tried everything but error steals occuring, i have read about Xfire and unistalled it but nothing works :
  3. Well, when i run mtavc my mta crashes in the begining when press start game and when i can press start game without error, and the characters come gta gives that error, what can i do? i have tried everything
  4. Now we only need to wait for client, can`t wait
  5. There also 1 bug that we can`t enter at any car, i only played on stunt so i dont know if it exist on dm If you jump very high whit nitro gta crashes Some cars are locked, but it didnt happen to me on dm servers
  6. I cant explain very well, i want to say the mta would be relesead yesterday, then today, and then will be tomorrow, i want to say that if 1 problem exist, say it so we doesnt ask for it anymore ( sorry my very bad english )
  7. OMG now its on 99%, tomorrow will be at 99,99999% How many years do we have to wait!
  8. Boss Are you doing Portuguese(Portugal) or Portuguese(Brazil) translation?
  9. Me and my friend can translate it into Portuguese(Portugal)
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