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  1. no texture loading bases in clanwars and btw Good Luck
  2. pathetic and btw silent, nice site f*ckface
  3. mta, is pretty shit cuz no1 is friendly, every clan only argues with each other players also
  4. well, pretty shit decision, tournament was same as our win
  5. well who cares of this shit anywayz and Silent does Zokz knows? then it was truth Silen in KoQ = KoQ death.... btw why did u even joined if ur not in there anymore?
  6. lol, i wont say anything about KoQ but A* is actually pretty nonsense
  7. lol, thats quite true but thats Zokz's decision so we will see whats going to happen anyways l8rz
  8. OMG Silent!!! u r an s*ithead! lol ULK is clean btw, u dont know s*it about clans!
  9. Yup Can't F*CK With US!!!!!
  10. Moderators please lock or delete this board cuz KoQ is off! TY!
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