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  1. I find that very dificult :@ (Because it's mysql addon without dll and it works 50/50 ) I can make good scripts but NOT that good why do i like an amature ? because i am fighting with Nivko ? hmmz shall stop uhmz harry i don't know to reach you i'll add you on msn i don't know much about mirc <-> mysql, So a little help
  2. ty but i don't really know what to do... first i wanted to do all with mysql... but then i thougt if somebody has no mysql then i have a problem. Then i thougt en i said by myself, why do not make a mysql system that counts the stats and other important files ? That could be setted of or on i did the last thing.. Because to set things in mysql is not difficult BUT Ask them in mtama is very difficult ... so thats why i work with INI and MySQL Both check the stats and if you download my script then you'll get a website with the script... if you don't have a host then you can get a d
  3. *** BAD POST *** Removed by [TTH]WHY
  4. i don't wanna speak dutch on an english forum, so i anwser that in english Sooo, i didn't knew that you could script that good JOKE !! but it is true and you are a Nerd see http://melior.gservers.nl/shitlist.php ;) sorry could not let it but proove yourself, By making a script like mine.. And THIS TIME (ONLY THIS TIME) you may use MY id's :! :! :! Remember Only THIS TIME ! and plz donot use my script as an example
  5. ty niels ... but do you mean that i am only good in php and mysql ? ik wil niet veel zegge maar ik ben beter in mirc scripting als jij ^^ I say in my own lang that i am better as he He is too dutch PS The MySQL Script is NOT made by me its an addon, downloaded mirc.net @Niels: "Greets from Dutch-Land " lol "Dutch-Land" ??? thats The Netherlands not dutchland dutch is the language You say there Netherlandse land
  6. .. is there anything change @ the admin tool of mta herself ? So yes, Tell it @ Aeron because that could be the problem (I Think if not OK just guessing ) maybe there are read packets changed (Does the admin server listen on other packets because there were bots ) You can't use packet sniffer now so a good reason for mta to change the packets... I Think"" that almost all packets are changed because all of the bots need to reconfigure because the packets are changed.. and packets sniffler doesn't work now more @ mta because they blocked that... PS Nice id of you foks so ? is there
  7. IP ^^ but i can't turn on the scripts because mtama doesn't work And the mysql part i can't show anyone because it doesn't works fully
  8. Hi! I know there is a script that is made for free using... and i thought maybe it is a good ID to make another With other features of course My Script's name is Free for All Script ( MTA:mA:FF(A)S ) until now my script is 170 kb big... All the futueres of it will i post later but i great funtion i like is the MySQL saving. All the statistics are saved in a mysql database! (You could set it off really simple by setting a variable off (I will make a readme )) Of course i am including a PHP script whitch is build for my script! That is too fully changeable ====================
  9. [TTH] WHY

    MTA:mA 3.19

    ** Solution I ThINK: ** * /me isn't sure because he hasn't sp2 * My friend has Microsoft Windows XP SP2, and i have SP1... By me mtama does not wants to connect ! By my friend it wants ~! Is that maybe the problem ? That mtama 3.19 is made for MsWin XP SP2 ? * /me try's to help *
  10. mostly of the time i use just wordpad to create my scripts... IF there is a bracket mismatch anywhere (Or something else) then i go search, and learn of my mistake! That's scripting I think.... i doesn't matter what editior you use, almost all is possible.. making my scripts, i used 1 time mirc script editior because i couldn't find the mistake... BUT Then the mirc script editior coul'dn't find it TOO! i had to be secure so i tried all last BIG parts of my script... and that was it So i think you could better make you scripts in wordpad or something you learn most things if you t
  11. Just in E.g. Notepad... make them in your own text editior ----------- aeron i have a question, Does it matter if you do this in a script: ^^ With that i mean spaces between aliases and if 's
  12. No, Not at all and i am making 2 versions, 1 with mysql (Administrated by website's) and 1 without mysql
  13. Nope, i haven't Could anyone look into my script and say what it is ?? its very inportant because to rewrite my script (170 kb) it isn't done yet but plz have a look http://www.freehosted.nl/**.mrc I think i know it the longip part is the bug i THINK The link to the script is removed because i wanna make my script fully before everybody sees it
  14. Lol I made my OWN script... I just said that my script had the same subject as the scripts of oli
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