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  1. Downloading it right now...good to see you unbanned:) Ok...mah edit: -Music was good -Annoying: Lets Wrap this up, and the other text... -Stunts wich where old... Try to find new stunts that is better:) Greetz
  2. Ok...scorp showed me some tiny island... Its really fun, we made some screenies to... my screenies: Clicky Clicky The other screenies arent good... Scorp has screenies to... Please post them scorp:) Greetz
  3. Yay...Buyed gta rocks! It pwns Vice City in mta:)
  4. I think your lame if your picking up armors in the swat truck... Just like: Hi my name is n00bie! And i can't win without armor... LOL Greetz
  5. You guys are making me nerves...i am buying GTA 3 tomorrow possibly... So i am coming nerves of reading this posts...i can't wait... But i also need someone to show me some good places... Greetz(please tell me if you can be the one for telling and showing some health spots and somethign...)
  6. The best thing to do: Re-install mta and GTA-Vice City/GTA III i had this problem to... Greetz
  7. Asking my parents right now if i may buy it...i want to see you in action;)
  8. Downing it right now...wil edit when i saw it... /Edit: omg...nice i want GTA3 to...i want to play MTA also on that...


    Ok i used some great tuts to make a pic...(thnx FKU Jani:D) Click here to see Greetz!

    My 2 movie

    Yep, and this time i am getting probably things of forumz of stunting on gta but than challenges... So ill try to complete challenges, record them put in next vid together with chaozz Why did my topic get deleted? BTW here is my second pic...: (hope tumbnail works...)
  11. I don't play GTA3 on MTA but... I think that this was a use bug... Just like they sayed: Less cheaters(hacked client already bringed out on much sites...) Greetz
  12. The issue 3 is the best off al! Its best edited good work! Keep the good work up!

    My 2 movie

    Really thnx for al the good comments this wil inspirate me all with my new movie... But what is syncing? I don't really understand that... Greetz

    My 2 movie

    [offtopic]Hehe gmail is best! it rocks because i ain't getting spam mail now:D[offtopic] And thnx for the comment:D