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  1. 6d23

    Strange Error

    idk, this error is here for alot of time so idk if its about the dev. idk how to fix it. someone knows?
  2. 6d23

    Strange Error

    When i click "Host Server" or try to join a server appears this on a message box: "Error downloading requested files. Server returned nothing (no headers, no data)" I have uninstalled it several times, i really need MTA.
  3. then it is not online maybe im making something bad, what ports i need to open from what to what? what port to use, what IP maybe im having any error, YES i have read wiki.
  4. well i asked my internet company and they forwarded ports i putted a port, not apearing on GAME-monitor and on browser list, one question. does the host (me) can see the server on interntet or it will be seen on LAN only (and others can see them on internet) ?? my server still not working...
  5. ok my server not showned. im right now publishing the IP so that the "QuickConnect" but if someone knows the awnser PLEASE PLEASE!!! post it.
  6. You Want To Be Admin of the most organized server? Then Join Inmortal Studios (its a new version of Grasiel Clan, new webpage & wiki) Features If You Dont Join: Features in-server: Welfare Pay: $500 Access To Main Base: No Access To Mt. Chiliad Base: No Access To Area 51: No Acess To secret base (secret pos): No Features if you Join: 1. Access to all bases 2. Can Script maps & mods for the server and will be "AUTOMATIC PUTTED" unless an admin says "no" because its really bad 3. you will get 3rd party objects (auto publishers, bots) THAT YOU CAN ONLY USE IN OUR SERVER. if
  7. ohh no... nothing, up to date i have posted in may other forum, any help please? i really need it...
  8. now that there is the new release i hope i can now put my server and that i dont time out
  9. aww sh*** well, i will not retire, i want my server =) ok, if someone knows the awnser i will be really really happy and i will make you admin of the server... it will be RPG thanks for all =)
  10. i get a different interface, nothing compared to yours... this is the video of what i see... thanks
  11. ok, i have ZyXEL P-600 series so i enter where?
  12. someone? like i said i forwarded it yesterday and i cant enter, then i tried seeing if my ASE port was on, its not on... how to forward or open it?
  13. ok, i checked my ports and my ASE port is blocked how to open it?
  14. how to know if my ASE/GM port is open?
  15. please someone help me... i dont see my server on server list...
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