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  1. if u wanna continue to take a lifetime to produce blue, youll be losing players in the process. and if u knew me youd kno im not spoiled by ne means. you cant honestly say that a year and a half of development is normal for a mod, even one the size of blue.
  2. id be very happy if people got back into mta fuck off bump
  3. since its taking over a year and a half to develop, if blue if ne thing less than the messiah of gaming, i wont be happy. i only want blue in the hopes that ppl will come back for it. it being the greatest installment of mta wont mean shit if ppl dont play it.
  4. glitches dont ruin the gameplay, the peopl who get killed by them, cant do the glitches, and who complain about it ruin the game. also, rather than offering up solutions, the team just says "wait for blue." i saw some where that one dev sed that you guys have been working on blue for 18 months. 18 FUCKING MONTHS. cmon now. this isnt a one man team, you ought have a mod out in a year and a half. people develope entire games in shorter time than that. i dont think there will be enough people around for blue to take off like it should....
  5. imo, the mta team doesnt care too much about what the gamers want. they release what they feel is good, take it or leave it. like it or stfu. to me its sad to see mta decline so much, because i loved it when i first played, and so did so many people. the reason a lot of ppl dont play is because, not a lot of ppl do play. i checked ASE the other day, a total of 22 people spread out on 7 servers. that was it, this was on a saturday at noon too. unless .5.1 is absolutely great and restores good gameplay to mta, i dont plan on playing much until blue, and thats only if more ppl play it.
  6. assuming that ur thrwoing me in that campaign ransom (and ive got a pretty feeling u r), i didnt do that at all. i thought .3 was better from the day .4 was released. same with .5. it seems everybody is trying to knock me for makin this thread, like im a dumb ass or some shit. i only made this to see what other people thought. lock this shit
  7. the question wasnt "which is a better version, .3 or blue?" it was will blue regain the popularity of mta during .3. im not sayin .3 will be the best thing ever for mta, but up to now it has been the best version (to me atleast).. @bump idk where that segway into women, games, money w/e came from, but the title means that "will blue be enough to regain mta's past popularity"
  8. im just gettin ppl's opinions, and u can take a guess by lookin at how the amount of players has gone downhill with each release. sure it increased slightly when it was released, but many players didnt even come back for the release. and as far as attracting new players, if they didnt kno about the numbered releases, they wont realize what makes blue special.
  9. i dont think that MTA will ever regain the popularity that it had during .3. lemme kno what u guys think
  10. the players never ruined mta .5, .5 sucked from the day it was released. i cant quite put my finger on it, but .5 isnt near as much fun as .3 or .2. i dont think "glitchers" ruin the game (i put that in quotes because glitches are a part of the game, using them is just part of it). mta will never be free of glitches because gta itself isnt free of glitches. also most ppl use the robber because u can hit ppl relatively easy with a stubby, whereas u have to kno tricks of the trade to get a hit to register with most the auto weaps and what not.
  11. someone sed somethin about synchin peds for everyone, i dont care about synchin peds, i just wanna see them in the game. it adds effect for me. i could care less if i see the same peds as everyone else, and that would extremely hard to code ne ways.
  12. i can understand tho why the mta team hasnt become a massive team, more ppl=more problems, gameplay disagreements, hackings, w/e. having sed this tho i think that they need to pick up the pace a little bit, i mean its not like theyre startin from scratch with each release if i were the head of the mta team, i would have started selling advertisements a long time ago, adv's on the client, modded billboards in the game, w/e. that might give them more of an incentive to make this mod, rather than doing it in their spare time. that would also allow for more advertising in magazines and such, and
  13. mr.x is still alive btw oli sucks my cock all day and all night long, he love it so much hes on his knees as soon as i walk in the door, i had to get him kneepads and an eyepatch
  14. lol i didnt do this, i have no idea what those stats are, i just found the picture. and whoever sed sumthin about we watchin porn, every time im online im watchin porn so ha . the guy who "hacked" that thing or w/e the fuck he did is banned from these forums, take a guess
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