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  1. don't diss stubby's they are the best Reasons I like the stubby: *if you get the timing right there is no way of excaping death *can kill trainer users close range * 1 shot kill (close range) * its the ultamit close range weapon *requires skill and timing not sum rapid fire shoot everything gun if you don't like getting killed by the stubby my recomendations are * don't get hit * stay away from Robbers *EDIT* I only bitch about spawn killers oh yeah and there might be somthing you don't know because of ping you have to try and guess where your Target is heading to avoid falling do
  2. lmao you said it xcr lol gifs work good too
  3. I asked a question earlier no one replied. So in mta blue how are we gonna publish our own mods? And have blue recognize them?
  4. eek

    If your banned!

    I didnt do nothing to get banned on party server I was letting my friend play and he was just driving around listending to sounds then the admin banned him for quote " no reason "
  5. sorry xcr its just I left then I rememberd somthing and came back. thanks scorp I'll use the advice.
  6. I dont think I could land on a roof like that its hard enough getting off the ground lol:D
  7. I always thought there was somthing gay about the sailors
  8. in MTA Blue I know map mods will be allowd but what if we make our own mods how would we allow them on our servers? and how what extent of modding? will you allow everything to be modded rigth down to vehicle stats and buildings?
  9. lol yeah I just figured it out lol gotta keep my cool
  10. about the citizens walking and driving that would be cool if you could enable and disable it they wouldnt have to be synced but at least you could see a set on ur game and they could see a different set on theirs hey its somthing to do when no one else is in the server lol plus it woudl be fun pulling cars out of the air lol(how they would see it) oh yeah and in any of the new releases are the next islands gonna be open on gta 3? yeah it is a good idea to keep only one island because of amount of people over a large area but why portland? can't you guys make it possible to have the server choo
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