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  1. catman


    I seen it on [uva]'s server was wondering if ya could share it,
  2. catman

    !spree and !hp

    It doesn't work....... When I type !spree it dont say best: and when i die my spree gets deleted help me please
  3. First off, it's a UVA property script thingy, they wont give you it, and learn to script yourself?
  4. catman


    on *:SIGNAL:mta.command:{ var %a = $iif($4 == $null,$4,$mta.getid($1,$4)) if ($3 == !tip) { if ($mta.name($1,%a) != Unknown) mta.msg $1 $2 Wrong id/name. else mta.msg $1 %a $read($scriptdirtips.txt,$rand(1,$lines($scriptdirtips.txt))) } } on *:SIGNAL:mta.join:{ mta.msg $1 $2 $read($scriptdirjoin.txt,$rand(1,$lines($scriptdirjoin.txt))) } this still work?
  5. catman


    no dont it's good, please make it work
  6. catman


    http://www.mta-fmj.com/tdm.mrc does this still work oli or anyone?, if not can someone please make a new one.
  7. where can iu get shell i have cpanelx
  8. catman

    $ sign

    On my server how can i stop it from kickg my clan?
  9. catman

    $ sign

    My clan have a $ sign in there name is it possible to make it not get kicked by admin.
  10. Sorry,i dont understand
  11. I cant use the one in mtama:GRS because i have 3 letters and 2 equals in the tag can someone make a script for me?
  12. Cant sell cars says not a sunshine,cant rob places, cant do most stuff, yes admin+ is on.
  13. Use it where you want a building to be set a price on. like malibu use !sprice
  14. I had the same trouble yesterday with Clan RPG V3.0
  15. hmm you say it has King Of The House yet how do we activate it?
  16. NICE!! /me is dissapointed there is no !job command
  17. catman

    !spree and !hp

    cant get the spree one to work.
  18. * /me: cannot use /me in this window (line 859, mta.mrc) is my error im a bit confusled.
  19. Did you even try doing what I said?
  20. catman

    !spree and !hp

    Please try and help me,
  21. Did you try DJ-Dans like I said off http://www.mtascripts.co.nr
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