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  1. JHXP calm down, my dear honor member of PCP I'm sure there's more multi-accounts, which have voted for boro as i said: finish this vote and So ppl would post from their "multi accounts" instead of votin in a poll? Imo Hieu and his "MTA European Championships 2006" council should decide on the polish cpt or Poland should have 2 cptns. Thats the only fair solution to all of this b/s
  2. Match with A* 2 : 1 to =PCP= (not) gg
  3. The intro is great imo and the stunts r really good. Ill give it a 9.5/10 BTW: Godzilla r0x
  4. RAF

    New to stunting

    I would put "Dysfunctional" in the 1st place http://www.thegamersalliance.com/?do=dynamic&id=1127 You should visit gtastunting.com there r loads of really awesome stunt movies there.
  5. well it is reachable by foot... read my previous posts, if u cant jump there it doesnt mean it isnt. PCP played FsK many times with FsK defending the hangars and we managed to get there by foot.
  6. Well thats the whole point in defending, u shoot at the attacking team so they cant get into the base... If u have a problem with getting in by foot maybe u should try and land there with helis
  7. Its reachable by foot. You are just trying to change the rules cause u dont know how to jump and/or have a problem with this particular base in gangwars.
  8. just an idea: Maybe gangs should choose from the 3 options just before their war starts If gangs cant come to an agreement then the ref should order them to play by the rule they didnt choose
  9. From what I understand the MTAteam doesnt want to waste any more time on the old core and focus on the new one. The gta modding community is quite big and I think that some of them r as talented programmers as the MTAteam ones. So why not ask someone from outside the team to help with the patch for 0.5 as its old anyway. Provide him/them with necessary info. That way u could focus on blue and leave the whinning about 0.5 behind cause it wont be ure problem anymore.
  10. I think he wants Hieu to delete the points from other MOH matches cause they resigned from the tournament before playing his gang
  11. Well my "childish comment" was a result of reading ure previous posts. BTW: looking at ure thread I can see that some ppl feel the same(or atleast similar) bout u. Thats all
  12. DA is just a bunch of bad losers. It looks more like a kindergarden run by Darkman than a gang rofl .
  13. Due to alot of PCP members inactivity we must recruit some new faces (even as honoraries) to keep this gang goin. Time will show if recruiting sTuD'X was a good decision
  14. yeah but the site is kinda new so there arent many match results and yeah we arent dead
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