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  1. Its good to see such progress maybe a first release like when the first alpha versions of the gta3mta when mta just started or just like mtavc 0.1 only chat needs to be done a stable version and a first release looks ok then Im not asking for a release its just a suggestion of what a first version could be everyone really wants to play gta sa in multiplayer and seeing this video makes me belief that a alpha version is almost done or something
  2. Command Sub Click1 Shell Http://www.yourwebsite.com End Sub Maybe something like that im a noob to.
  3. K slothman ill say my secret so you know who i was and am. im now currently on the user [sC] Arcadia but u wont c that im banned with this username but if u look at the usernames that are from me to u will get it and i asked the last times if they just could remove all of my old acount but they said no so if i register a new one they call it bann evading so ill now just get right to the point go to your bans list at this forum and lookup for the user using this ip and u will c. I think u get a list of this user [-A-A-D-] -A-A-D- and maybe one other acount i dont know of but a
  4. Yeah i alreaded readed that but i cant post much because of the above mentioned reason my ip of my home computer is banned from here and its really getting irritating even when i try to contact the admins no one reacts so i hope someone reacts soon to unbann my ip from this forum.
  5. Hi i tried playing mta on school on a lan network but because of the mta client is connecting to the site it wont open up the client because it cant get a connection to the site so i prefer why not make a button check news in the mta client so if u wanna check the news/updates just press the buton and then the page connects to the site this will solve a lot of problems with the downtime of the client that are connecting to the site. So if the site is ofline we still can enjoy mta i hope you really make a fix or use my suggestion but who am i to say that to mta the only thing i can say just R
  6. good calculation maybe you are even close but i dont hope so 2% whats that i think thats making an installer and compiling the newest source or something.
  7. yeah you are right hope phpbb 3.0 solves a lot problems and will be much more stable and faster just wait till its released i wanna have it to till now i only got php 2.1.0 on my webhost.
  8. Something like this works for me i made it with 2 other people but it actualy belongs to an old friend of mine so here it is :Label0079B5 00D6: if 0? 80E1: NOT key_pressed 0? 18? 004D: jump_if_false ££Label0079CD 0002: jump ££Label004B7F :Label0079CD 0001: wait 0? ms 0464: put_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR into_turret_on_car 1120?? at_car_offset .4242! -.0679! 1.1322! unknown 3? angle 270! with_weapon 27? :Label0079F1 0001: wait 100? ms 00D6: if 0? 00E1: key_pressed 0? 15? 004D: jump_if_false ££Label0079F1 0465: remove_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR from_turret_mode 0002: jump ££Label004B7
  9. I still think that mta should use IPB because - it loads faster - its user friendly (*though phpbb is more*) maybe there is more but the main thing is that the boards of ipb loads a lot faster and everytime i visit here or at gtaforums.com IPB of gtaforums.com is always faster even if i load them at the sime time but it will take up a lot to change it after such a long time so just let it this way i think now
  10. I was visiting the forum a few days ago and it was slow because a lot of users were visiting it and there were a lot of new topics made since the last time i visited so it was just loading everything and that takes tame and yes the invsion power board is less user friendly but i like it its fast and easy to install but phpbb is easier to edit i think. But i think the forums get slow by a lot of post a forum loads fast if there are less posts a forum of 400 posts loads slower then a forum with 200 posts i noticed so it just depends on it i think
  11. Why is mta not using invision power board phpbb is lagging as hell when there are a lot users and with invision u dont got much lag if i look at gtaforums.com their whole forum is even faster loaded then the mta forum. isnt it better to use Invision Power board then? just a suggestion.
  12. I saw this to its released at gtaforums.com i thought ill search for the topic later its actualy a crappy mod but its all made from scratch he said that to me at least i readed that in the topic of him.
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