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  1. masj

    [REL] A/D Aspect 1.0

    as i said if u're afraid that he can shut down ur server , dont use this mod at all .
  2. masj

    [REL] A/D Aspect 1.0

    Hello , im [EFC]Masj (founder of EFC ) A/d Clan . And i want to say that for A/D community this mod is really needed , past days in old basemode versions are many cheaters , modders ( invisible walls , guns with lasers and other shit) U guys never player in any tournaments on this mode . You dont know what problems make other shit mods . If u're afraid to use this mod then dont use it , maybe there are many players who trust to Mate_ and they will use mod long and happy . Why u must block it? . Many players were waiting for this mod . That would be stupid to block this mod when its just released .
  3. koks dar murklai , murklas = m7dc = gizmo ir visokiu kitokiu nick