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  1. I miss MTA VC so much, is there any chance of this "unofficial" update becoming "official" and put on the MTA website with the servers being brought back from the dead?
  2. is there any chance in hell for a new or updated mod for VC, honestly SA is so boring, yeah there are new features and whatnot but nothing is as fun as the VC map. I know I am going to get flamed but I been playing since 0.3 and honestly if VC was done right it would be the best thing ever. hell set up a donation fund for it and ill contribute =P
  3. going into partyserver and jumping into stubby wars while there were hoards of KFC, DNA, FKU, VCA, and a bunch of other guys all fighting/teaming. My stats were like 4-1000 I didnt know we had weapons so I tried going up to people trying to fist fight their stubbies for like my first 20 deaths, or picking up weapons from people when they died
  4. I got the same shit today, everything was cool then all of the sudden this shit came up. [TF]Melsy also got the same thing today. I think something is fucked up when 3 people get it in the same day, and there can be more. I uninstalled MTA, reinstalled, rebooted my comp in safe mode and virus scanned it with it in safe mode and everything, no luck. http://spedizzo.homestead.com/files/mtavirus.jpg The thing is though, that I get that message popping up whenever I enable NAV. Even when not playing... fuck that I ain't keeping NAV off 24/7 so I don't get that message, i'll just delete MTA...
  5. Yeah credit is due to Kyeman... props to him for leaving MTA and wanting to actually accomplish something with his talent and effort.
  6. I am not bothered as much as I used to be with these type of announcements when it was just MTA and it seemed like Blue was our only hope... at least now we know we have an alternative. MTA has been very influential and were the first online mod for GTA, but if they all of the sudden told us they are scrapping Blue and are folding, I wouldn't care. I mean sure, it would be nice if MTA Blue did eventually come out so we can see how it is and all, but our prayers have already been answered with VC-MP. It seems to me the thing that is pissing everyone off about this "News Progress Update" is tha
  7. If you guys at MTA are just incapable of producing a synched Deathmatch I am sure that SA-MP can find room in one of their lower-managerial positions for you guys. When the community gets big they will probably need a nazi for a forum admin.
  8. Incredible updates, just a couple more months until we can race! Played the VC-MP test today, it smoked it up. The real release will be any day now. Even if 0.5.5 were to be released at this point... it would be obsolete. ...with all due-respect to MTA.
  9. I remember when I was new, I almost threw my monitor out of the window in frustration and not understanding things. However I think the previous versions in which I began in were a bit better than the current version. You will eventually understand how it works if ya play quite often... you just have to realize that the synch isn't too good and what you see on your screen may not be what another player sees on their screen. You said you explode cars and the people are driving in it are still alive... that just means that on your screen their vehicle was more damaged than theirs, so when you
  10. I played it today as well on Nutz's server... It seems like when a fair amount of people go onto a server, the server crashes frequently. The client doesn't crash, but the server does which makes it difficult to know when it crashed or not. Usually when everyone on the game is standing still, that means the server has crashed. I also noticed that when people go too far from you, they vanish from your radar and are visible again only if you get close to them. You can spawn PCJ's and Cheetah's by typing t and then typing PCJ or CHEETAH into the box and pressing enter. All in all, it isn't anyth
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