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  1. Well it works great now... thanks a million. The moment the feature to make it per map is available, I'll be more than happy to thoroughly test for you. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks dude I'll try it now. Is there a way to set handling now per map? The way DRuG is laid out, the maps that have custom cars have it substituted via some lua with the map, it would be great to have those custom cars including a handling line as specified by the vehicle rigger.
  3. Thanks dude... is there a sample settings xml I could use in the short term?
  4. I can't seem to get the menu to raise in race 1.2? I have copied the resource to the resources folder on the server, it confirms it runs in console with "MTA:SA HANDLING EDITOR [hedit.googlecode.com]", but pressing "b" as an admin in race doesn't seem to work... I have edited the acl to give the resource admin as documented... but nothing?
  5. am I able to get involved on the beta crew.. I can't wait to get this working on my server.
  6. That will be epic... when this happens I can switch the ~ 500 custom cars I have on DRuG's server over to their intended handling. I can wait - I've already been saving their links for a long time now to do just this.. thankyou for working on such a useful resource! I'm happy to wait... and to beta the new shiz as it comes to light /me takes a seat and waits
  7. Hey, Is it possible to trigger handling change on a per map basis? DRuG have some maps packaged with custom cars, using some lua included in the map resource to substitute the vehicle.. it also applies some lua handling, but this doesn't resemble classic handling.cfg and defaults.ide modification.. yours does and it'd be great to perfect our vehicle substitutions... can your resource be used in this manner, somehow?
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