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  1. Actually, you can't, but then again... you don't seem to be good at reading forum rules... We're about to start playing matches, although I'd like to get my boys warmed up versus some lower skilled gangs, think we can play some CS:S matches with FsK in about a month... Ok FsK are Mid/Mid+ skilled But i will stop speak for CSS here,isn't a good thread
  2. Hey,did u start CSS matchs? When can we do a FsK vs XII?
  3. I can ask 1 more time to my friend if they want play this tournament,u try found belgium players plz I'm searching French and Suiss I do that because i want all know French ownz.
  4. He is up now We was in match tonight,and he was off for payement problem
  5. We are now officially stoping MTA and waiting MTA:SA released We will be back on SA,sure,don't worry Cya
  6. why don't you get Alonzo to be capt.? He wouldn't,and i won't too now.
  7. Ok,France is out of this tournament,or ask other man,but i wil not be captain if all time i must say why i choose that,or this .. Hf
  8. Hep So if it's ok France/Belgium/Switzerland is in : -- TAG: FR# Captain: ~FsK>sTuD`X Players: ~FsK>BloOd ~FsK>Ounagi ~FsK>TheFear ~FsK>Laloutre ~FsK>Uxy PSY4~Alonzo PSY4~Zoneerd [XII]Prophet (i must ask him) Cya.
  9. I will have a team for represente France,but i'm away since tomorow to saturday,this week end u will know the team,ect Enjoy.
  10. Furiouz,isn't for have players,is just because most ppl think Suizterland,Belgium and France are the same (i think) Yeh Domspy,i wasn't know the good word And for 3 clans,wasn't the final roster list
  11. if u want a good belgian player, try Prophet Ye i know him,he is good and cool I will ask him
  12. ya i will speak with my others french friends,i think : [France/Belgium/Suiss] ~FsK>sTuD`X ~FsK>BloOd ~FsK>Laloutre ~FsK>Ounagi ~FsK>TheFear ~FsK>Uxy PSY4~Zonnerd PSY4~Alonzo PSY4~Ryo Saeba PSY4~Soprano PSY4~Arnold PSY4~Alonzo and ~FsK>sTuD`X for the leaders,but we need to speak about that
  13. Matchs : 29/10/2005 - mfC_ | Friendly | MTA 2/0 27/10/2005 - [CS] | Friendly | MTA 2/0 27/10/2005 - mfC_ | Friendly | MTA 2/1 27/10/2005 - [CS] | Friendly | MTA 3/1 81 Matches : 64 Won(s) - 13 loses(s) - 3 Nul(s) Members : Palsami Left
  14. Yeah because is a translator internet,but maybe better than just fr site ?
  15. New website version up. Our new website version is up,designed by sTuD`X aka DeuS (design name). http://fskteam.mtacity.com Language available : If u speak in english in forum,we will speak too in english,but usually we use French,when any english are here We wait u for post in forum/site Cya !
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