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  1. sorry i don't read all posts because everytime i have to translate and sometimes it's difficoult ...anyway it seems i have to wait ....tnx
  2. hi... i got a little problem... with mta 0.4 i was able to use camera hack to do some nice photos... how can i make it work for mta 5? is there a new release of CH?
  3. 1 i don't know....i've started gta before i've installed mta...all was right...then...i've installed mta and now it doesnt'work.... 2
  4. 1 why my single player gta doesn't work once i've installed mta? 2 where's MTA 5.5 ??
  5. i hav'nt understood a thing... with blue core i will able to put a different car's model and other users will see it?
  6. yeah!!! W bishop.... i got a bad humor too
  7. piterx

    What we do

    oh my gooood!! I can't read all this posts....thats not my main language lol.... anyway...mta team and their work are great! THIS IS THE ONLY WORD I CAN SAY....GREAT !!! and remember.....who wants to blame is only a fuckin' noob....i've realized it on italian forums... people who in game are always whinin' and sayin "you are a cheater" etcetera are the only stupid fools that blame about mta... GOOD WORK GUYS !!!
  8. i've just seen the screens..... IT WILL BE GREAT !!!
  9. yeah! mta 4 san andreas will be great !!! I was thinkin... with mta blue the big part of work is done... so it won't take so much time or not? i think so because gta 3 and gtavc arent too different (maybe i'm sayin' a stupid thing) so gtasa shouldn't be too much different from vc... and as mta blue will represent the perfection (i hope ) it won't be so hard to convert it for SA (i'm makin' it too easy lol)...
  10. naaaaaah......it works also with the copyed one
  11. why punches arent synced yet? i'd like to do a brawl in the malibu club...id like to give a punch to someone and then kick his ass since he dies
  12. ....but...is'nt it possible to add more cars and weapons? i've seen that in mta-vc stunt there are a loooooooooot of cars and bikes...isn't it possible having it also in gta-3? if it was so we could have all islands with more cars
  13. why gta3 islands aren't togheter like a only city?...it would be funny
  14. anyway.....coooooooooool!!!! maybe the developers of mta will make it possible in the next version....it would be very very funny... anyway....post your script when you've finished it...
  15. would be nice if (by selecting it in the admin options) in the next version of mta there will be th possibility to chat only if u're near to another player....i mean....instead of the chat box would be funny if when someone speaks appears a bubble like in the comics...if it was so i could make a plan of attack and my enemies couldn't "hear" it
  16. maybe somone has seen it before....anyway 1: sometimes i can't see some of other users 2: sometimes usually next the spawn at the stadium i can't get in the car....i have to jump nd then retry to get in 3: sometimes the clacson keeps dooin that f****n' "BiiiiiiiiiiiiiP" i hate it!!!
  17. i got some problems to express myself in english but i can translate quite well....anyway if u don't find another one who translate better than me in italian....here i am i'll do what i can
  18. ...so is it impossible doing a thing like this? or could i hope that a day somone will do a patch to do this?
  19. ....i was dreaming that more users connect to the server and more the ping decreases.....
  20. maybe my question is a stupid one.... as i got a server and the ping sometimes is enormous....is it possible to share the ping on much computers? i mean...if i open a server i recive all ping from other users don't i? should be it possible that when somone connects to the server recive a part of the ping sorry if my english is a little bit wrong.....but...look at my nationality
  21. tnx a lot......only a thing.....i'm italian and i cant understand everything....what does it means "forward the ports" ?...how can i do it?
  22. plz i cannot start the mta server using the router....i mean...the server starts but on ASE i can't see it...i've tried to switch to the normal modem and it works fine....but unfortunately i have to use the f****n' router please help me to understand how can i make it start
  23. what he said and + its like the only best weapon to use at the moment since theres lots of lag... When BLUE comes out, were finally gonna be able to use snipers, and the weapons are gonna be 100% synced
  24. i've just reminded a thing.....maybe somone has asked this before...anyway...have you seen that beach ball that is in some pools on starfish island? it would be really cool if this would be syncronized don't it? we could do volley-ball, soccer, basket challenges
  25. WOW !!! really cool !!! carscarscarscarscarscarscarscarscarscarscarscarscarscarscars
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