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  1. So I did the test, what rolled out was Free-wheeling Creator, I didnt save the url so youll have to do it with just that
  2. Haha, Im glad I got tired of the song after 5 times
  3. that sucks balls, I was really looking forward to this mod
  4. good to see that this mod hasn't died.
  5. I don't know if this bug is already discovered, but it seems that a well-aimed shot from a rhino can shoot somebody of his bike, thus making him able to walk around. I haven't had much time to test this, but I do know that other players can't see you walking around. Maybe something to be fixed in Race 1.1?
  6. I played it for about half an hour and it looked very sexy!
  7. hahaha Thanks Andy but the last post i made said "VCU is over." lol. Yeah... VCU IS OVER. see? And What the are you talking about women? ur definitely a VC pirater cuz u aint mature enuff to buy it. When I say something about women, it makes me an immature pirater?
  8. What's more: I did not have sex with that woman.
  9. sorry to other forumreaders for the dutch post, but i need to make this prick something clear: kankernerd, rot op ofzo, je hebt niks te zeggen over dit toernooi dus rot op? je speelt geeneens meer MTA dus kanker op van dit forum en zoek ergens een leven mongooltje.. .. echt hatelijk zulke kleine kutkindjes als jij zeg.. bah.. ga iets boeiends doen met je leven, we hoeven je hier niet tjap..! you fucking nerd, get a life or something, you don't have anything to say about this tournament so fuck off? You don't even play MTA anymore so fuck off from this forum and find a life somewhere, you dick... .. really a pain in the ass so much little fucking kids like you. Yuck, find something of value to do with your life, we don't need you hier chap...! Translation. You couldve been a little more creative though Raz
  10. Everything dies, baby, that's a fact, maybe everything that dies someday comes back. Put your make-up on and make your hair look pretty, and meet me tonight in Atlantic City. God save teh Bruce Springsteen