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  1. Небольшая просьба к тем кто хорошо знает английский язык: Исправьте пожалуйста мои ошибки: http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Set ... onProgress PS в русской версии вроде бы должно быть всё правильно.
  2. I not very good in english, that's why i have documented it in english and russian both.
  3. Fixed, i hope. I have done everething and have sent a patch to mantis.
  4. Yeah! Thank you for the tips, I made it! =) Not really great code, but it works. Here is the short demonstration of SetPedAnimationProgress function: And simple script, that i used to test animation progress: Progress = 0.5 function addAnim() setPedAnimation( getLocalPlayer(), "SMOKING", "M_SMKSTND_LOOP") end addEventHandler( "onClientPlayerSpawn", getLocalPlayer(), addAnim) function changeProgress(commandName, newProgress) Progress = newProgress / 100; end addCommandHandler("animprogress", changeProgress) function animRender() setPedAnimationProgre
  5. A year ago i posted a request for setPedAnimationProgress scripting function And there was no progress, it still has "new" status. I tried to implement it myself, but nothing work And i am asking for help now. This is original GTA opcode handler for 0x0614(0614: set_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR animation "GYM_BP_DOWN" progress_to $1822 // 0.0 to 1.0) opcode. With my(and not only my comments). .text:00491802 ; __linkproc__ opcode_0614 .text:00491802 @@opcode_0614: ; CODE XREF: _opcode_handler_15+37j .text:00491802
  6. The same problem as i describe on Win7 64bit (same computer) appears not always, i even could connect and play =) But it still appears, win7 64bit dump: http://sendfile.su/397054
  7. I has connected to server, "Main" chatline was displayed ("Connected to MTA 1.1 Test Server [Windows]") Then may be 1-2 chat messages, and BOOM "Error! Can't send WM_COPYDATA". Or just full hanging. (Hanging(Полное зависание) are more often than crash) Dump is here: http://sendfile.su/397044 WinXP 32bit, NVIDIA GeForce 480GTX if it will help. Oh, almost forget, if i clean "resource-cache folder" everything will be normal while resources being downloaded. After finishing download - immediately BUG.
  8. http://sendfile.su/397021 I can't even spawn, get "Can't send WM_COPYDATA" Error Also many times i connect MTA hung all my computer, and i cant even kill it throught task manager
  9. It is so great script editor, and all bugs not so annoing except one - the encoding bug is so annoing, I MUST use 2 editors at a time, MTASE to scripting, and then Notepad++ to re-encode script in necessary encoding. May be you will find a little time, to fix "encoding bug"? A little patch please ALso XML files with functions must update to current MTA version. PS place "function" between "\b" as other keywords, to prevent it from replacing in callClientFunction. <Block Name="Lua Code" Style="Lua Code" EscapeChar="" IsMultiline="true"> <Scope Start="\bfunction\b" End="\b
  10. GRascm

    Gang zones

    Yes, I asked about the idea of scripting, even though I consider myself a good scripters, I sometimes need help, and there is nothing strange. You get by a negative attitude to the newcomers, if I ask you help, it does not mean that I ask to do everything for me (although some people do so), I just asked the ideas ... no matter on what basis would the seizure occurred, the main idea, and then I figured out ... Actually if anyone is interested I have done everything myself, without any help, realized it this way: When onPlayerWasted event is triggered I check whether the gang member in his
  11. GRascm

    Gang zones

    Maybe I'm wrong words, or not correctly translated, but I tried to ask only idea how to do it, I'm pretty good scripters to do everything myself, I just could not think of the principle of implementation.
  12. GRascm

    Gang zones

    Hi everyone, i need a little help with scripting. I am writing an Roleplay server, and i want to add some DM elements such as gang wars for territory under control, gangs will get some % from business on their territory, but it is not main. Main is: i have no idea how to do it, Can you help me? just a simple code, even not working code. There are many little gang zones(more than one hundred) and 4 bands.
  13. I was found another bugs, there is some troubles with player skins I have attached screenshot, can you explain why this is occured? Also sometimes i cant see textures of skins they are white.
  14. To fix bug of replacement callClientFunction to callClientfunction i have edited lua.syn where was such lines <Block Name="Lua Code" Style="Lua Code" EscapeChar="" IsMultiline="true"> <Scope Start="function " End="\bend\b" Style="Lua Keyword" Text="function ... end" CauseIndent="true" EndIsComplex="true" /> I just add spase in Start="function " callClientFunction(...) - there a "(", and function funcName - there a " ".
  15. Thank you for the detailed explanation.
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