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  1. ew ive been gone for who knows how long, and you fags still bicker like girls give it up already
  2. kungfu the only thign you forgot about is what its like to get some ass, ps whats this warning thing by my name, i think it's kinda cool pps f u
  3. im about to lay the smackdown on 2.36% of your ass jabroni
  4. and before you ask, i know there is an edit button, and i purposely ignored it cuz its for faggots
  5. and ps my other forum name still didnt get unbaned =AA=\/\/heeL(V)an for those of you who are completely clueless lets get on that ladies.
  6. yeah, where's my ban powers, dicks last time i checked im still blasta, and still the biggest asshole in the clan
  7. hahah i just realized how much of an unbelivably gay rule thsi 40 page thing is, i read why you're doing it, and the whole backround on it, and I still find absolutely no better "forum" from deleting gang member's threads as they hit 40, sheesh, reason number 500 why these forums suck ass
  8. u guys are fags, no offense you fucking live for this game, why is it all you worthless jabronis take everything so seriously? give it up and get a fucking life already, i was gone for liek 4 months, came back, and you assclowns are still crying and bitching over "spam and arguments" oh no, someone posted something that is off topic on a forum on the internet, lets fucking cry abotu it losers
  9. What else is new... I sent a request to the Contact the Mods section like a week or two ago, and still no reply... gosh these forums are so sadly admined.
  10. ill call u my bitch cuz thats what you are love ya
  11. dont be hating, and if u say shit like "pwned noob" and shit to him, you can expect a negative response from yankees, hes very defensive, so you kinda asked for whatever he dished out to you sorry dude :-/
  12. and uh... uhh YEE! ps mods unban my old account >.< you still didnt answer my thingy i sent to the mods section
  13. HAHAHAHAHA everyone hates these boards now, its about damn time. it took long enough for people to realize how much bullshit these mods feed them, but finally they came around gg no re nubs
  14. yeah, the mta forum has to be the WORST forum ever, its so horribly admined and everyone agrees, and everytime someone says something one of these cockslaps just bans you give it up mta, no one gives a fuck
  15. OMG!!! yeah, we still pwn me and my =AA= comprades have been busy pwning CS:S and pristontale lately, waiting for blue i guess you could say but if anyone ever wants a war (or is just waiting to get served) drop us a line at our teamspeak(S) if first doesnt work try this one, its our Pristontale Teamspeak, also servers as our AA/CgS backup cheerio m8s
  16. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OMG i just watched that video pron made about reed and his fagometer went from a 3 to a 10... what a complete JABRONI pron, ur not steven spielbergh, give it up, ur a washed up chump trying to expose rising stars in the community as they surpass you how many bitches do i have to serve before you chumps learn
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