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  1. Yes, I'm one of the best in this shit and im willing to dedicate an whole thread of my winning spree, with 0 losses, so first come first serve MSN solarflare101@hotmail.com aim drblackizzle hit me and get that ass beat be a victim
  2. LOL...I smell a noob. You surely don't "own everyone", dumb kid. dear johnny130 u r a f@g
  3. If your going to play gta3, sloth will be the only chanlenge, i own everybody, but it takes a good hour to own slothy, but still, i own everyone, no doubt.
  4. i gotta go with SA, its the first game where you can play as a black foo
  5. everybody sucks in this game besides me, no sweat gg (lol)
  6. damn dude, i hope this doesnt mess him up, i told him to stop riding that bike when that bee flew in his eye, please get will dude
  7. rofl, you act like everyone is gunna photoshop yer pic, lol
  8. Sry, i didn't want to flame anyone, just simple questions really. I'm curious as you post the image guys get courius about it. What's a chalk, does it walk? why dont you post yer pic
  9. LOl, nick lets fight these guys some time, yea?
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