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  1. well, He suggests to add a mark on the official maps to sort out that maps from the others. I mean, adding something like a tag (MTAmaps) on the original released map to know if it's a good one...And why not, making a list of "Approved Maps" by MTA Team? I think he would like to have this system because there are a lot of maps bugged, or not really good. Hope my english is a few better Bye PS : you should rename the topic to "Official maps" or something like that..
  2. the chat was perfectly working but as i said, i had this bug only one time.
  3. Hi, My bug : I'm on my server, logged in as an admin, everithing is working fine, but after a certain time, all rcon and consol commands don't work. I tried everithing, vote race, rcon kick, time, ect...it didn't work. I couldn't say how many time i played, and at which moment it started to don't work, but i think it was after a short time. The only way to make it work for me, was to reconnect to the server. I had this bug only one time for the moment. Thank you, Spykerc8
  4. Hello, Nice news, all the GTA-Online team has to thanks the whole MTA Team! Thank you very much, and good luck for the upcoming release! Bye Spykerc8
  5. hi, i got a little suggestion but wich would be realy funny for us the french players (and other pple). Could you put the accent as "é", "è", "à", in the next MTA? It would be very good, language as french need that caracters. Thx.
  6. hi, server shut down alone ... big problem.... bye
  7. hi, we got a lots of servers in France, that's are mtaforce's servers, we are the biggest in France, our ip is . If it can help you. bye
  8. hi! it would be in GTA:C ...but not in MTA, i think so, if the MTA's developpers could do this thx bye
  9. well, we are sleeping on the channel....waiting for you eAi...
  10. hi, I think he would like to a chat support not only in english, you know. Maybe he wants to have other language that english... bye
  11. hi, MTAFORCE servers : 200 3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11 but Admin server doesn't work...don't know why... I hope they won't be long fot the client... bye
  12. Hi!! We (me and my Belgian friend X-Miner) would really like to translate the texts into French and Dutch. I know that we have not post a lot (1 post..erf) but we realy would like it My email and msn >>> spykersam@hotmail.com and my friend's email : dewillyrules@hotmail.com thx PS : I was thinking, won't there have a problem with the "é" and "è"?
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