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  1. You can make it slide, if its in a cutscene, it can be done, the action is still happening in the game, all a cutscene does, is allow the game to take control of the actor.
  2. We're dicks, and the Film actors guild are pussys, and that guy is an asshole, etc, bleh I wont ruin it.
  3. no, its the same version, you have to have some experience with it, and if ur having trouble, then i dont think u shud do it, u need some experience, but il tell u anyway, change the poly selection, go to modify>move, when a single poly goes blue, delete it, keep doing that until you're left with the head, and other divisions gta models say nvm, i'll try and find the one i converted, but i cant do anything big like convert another one atm
  4. most of the good custom player models out there, for gta,3 were made by Commando Funebrero, a complete wizard at modeling. theres a link to his site on http://www.codenamegta3.co.uk, ill find it here it is http://jarramono.codenamenetwork.com/
  5. zmodeler is a crazy program u have to painstaking delete each poly on and on until its done, in zmodeler select and delete all objects in the hierarchy which are not root[0], u may have to re map the skin, i converted a tommy v ages ago, if i manage to find it, ill hook u up i did say that u have to have quite alot of zmodeler experience to be able to do it @l2ebel: well yeah, but zmodeler doesnt detach each body part as the vc player models are just one mesh, zmodeler detaches polys, although u could detach and uniteselect each poly until u have one part although that might take long. u mi
  6. i think switch designs made one, but maybe not look here http://www.codenamevice.co.uk, here http://www.gtagaming.com or here http://www.gtaforums.com
  7. woo Im recognised, u need to remove all the bones in a prog called rw analyse, thats all the sections named HanimPLG (just click them and press delete), import into zmodeler, get the tommy vercetti skin from the vc player.txd in the vc gta3.img or from models>generic>player.bmp, then flip it vertically in paint, and save, go to material, load the flipped image, delete all the sections with dummies, on root[0] is the main models mesh, for models to function correctly in gta3, the head, torso, upperarms, lower arms, upperlegs, lowerlegs etc etc, need to be all seperate pieces on the mod
  8. Woah... That wouldnt be possible through programming, you would have to edit the DFF model file to do that, which MTA wouldnt do. youd have to edit the col file actually
  9. you could balance it by having the person with the rocketlauncher, should lose some health, u could say the rocket launcher is too heavy, or put the player in turret mode which they cannot escape until they are dead, so the rocket launcher is basically only allowed on some form of rampage
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