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  1. Cross ur fingers and hope there in by 0.1c
  2. lol, nah i joined about a year ago and im still a new user..
  3. ChRóM3

    ATS - Apparition

    No point ratin em, there all 10/10.. No1 does better stunt vids these days
  4. ChRóM3

    ATS - Apparition

    Wow, wot can i say... Another excellent vid by the greats
  5. Polly picked a pickled pepper..
  6. I've only jus heard about u guys and all i can say is ur AWESOME!!! Real jaw-droppin stuff. I'm off to find more ATS vids
  7. AUTO LOCK ON???? Jani u mus be playin some other game cause i don't know what the fuck ur talkin about. Don't start a thread based on total bullshit and get ppl that haven't even got the game thinkin its shit. All the ppl that can't adjust to the drivin controls (which is about a milimetre lower) move to another game or quit ur cryin and get used to it.
  8. Oh why won't u jus plz go f*ck off somewhere and die. Go join the army or something.
  9. Yeh but we are talkin about a full scale model that u can actualy play with. PS. Don't take that the wrong way
  10. wtf?...I don't remember no Claude Speed.
  11. Tommy is definitely in san andreas. You see him in a clip where that crazy chick (Catalina) leaves u for him after completin a racin mission in the countryside. You rob banks and such with her, she leaves u for Tommy which continues in the start sequence for GTAIII where he gets shot by her after robbin that bank. Sort of a prequel to GTAIII
  12. Shocked ain't the word m8 If only every clan leader felt the same way.
  13. Yeh i had the exact same problem a while back, its nothing to do wit ur audio hardware, the error is caused by the no-cd patch. Jus reinstall ur game and make sure u check the box which says "Install GTA radio station files" then u can apply the patch and everything will be back to normal.
  14. Hahahaha Gotta love Al Bundy
  15. I think u jus answered ur own question. >Get Winamp<
  16. Easily one of the best GTA/MTA vids made, nice to see some originality gj.
  17. Nice grindin' Coulda been a bit longer tho.
  18. I think those 2 problems have already been fixed.
  19. I think that should be the last thing on there to do list.
  20. Try changin the VC version number on the client to 1.1 or 1.0 in the options tab underneath where u put ur nickname.
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