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  1. Cross ur fingers and hope there in by 0.1c
  2. lol, nah i joined about a year ago and im still a new user..
  3. ChRóM3

    ATS - Apparition

    No point ratin em, there all 10/10.. No1 does better stunt vids these days
  4. ChRóM3

    ATS - Apparition

    Wow, wot can i say... Another excellent vid by the greats
  5. Polly picked a pickled pepper..
  6. I've only jus heard about u guys and all i can say is ur AWESOME!!! Real jaw-droppin stuff. I'm off to find more ATS vids
  7. AUTO LOCK ON???? Jani u mus be playin some other game cause i don't know what the fuck ur talkin about. Don't start a thread based on total bullshit and get ppl that haven't even got the game thinkin its shit. All the ppl that can't adjust to the drivin controls (which is about a milimetre lower) move to another game or quit ur cryin and get used to it.
  8. Oh why won't u jus plz go f*ck off somewhere and die. Go join the army or something.
  9. Yeh but we are talkin about a full scale model that u can actualy play with. PS. Don't take that the wrong way
  10. wtf?...I don't remember no Claude Speed.
  11. Tommy is definitely in san andreas. You see him in a clip where that crazy chick (Catalina) leaves u for him after completin a racin mission in the countryside. You rob banks and such with her, she leaves u for Tommy which continues in the start sequence for GTAIII where he gets shot by her after robbin that bank. Sort of a prequel to GTAIII
  12. Shocked ain't the word m8 If only every clan leader felt the same way.
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