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  1. Hi, I have two questions to ask. 1, I noticed that changing skins to the player, it has always walking CJ, let me know if you could take this walk and how I could do; 2 ° I should create a chat Roleplay, Roleplay to the effect that sends a message to players near the players and blocks that message by default. I await answers ... Thanks for the help.
  2. Then, I'll explain: I need a function that checks whether the player is in a certain position if that position sends a message that is in place, otherwise sends the opposite. What should I use?
  3. I have used this command to implement the function: function testpoint(source, commandName) if(playerToPoint(1.0, source, 1612.9732666016,1831.8659667969,10.720313072205)) then outputChatBox("Sei nel posto giusto"); else outputChatBox("Non sei nel posto giusto"); end end addCommandHandler("testpoint",testpoint);
  4. I apologize for the syntax of the code, however I tried the code but go anyway. He says he is not the point ...
  5. Hi, I need the function PlayerToPoint to compare the position of the player from the one indicated by me. I converted the code from Sa-Mp at MTA but 'not to be in command I used said that the position I have chosen, but it is not true .. You place the code: function PlayerToPoint(radi, source, X, Y, Z) local oldposx, oldposy, oldposz = getElementPosition(source); outputDebugString("Ext X: "..tostring(X).." Y: "..tostring(Y).." Z: "..tostring(Z).." RADIUS: "..tostring(radi)..""); outputDebugString("Player X: "..tostring(oldposx).." Y: "..tostring(oldposy).." Z: "..tostring(oldposz).."");
  6. Ok, thanks for the solution. P.S: Sorry for my bad English...
  7. Hi, I created a command that triggers a sound, only the sound part and DOS server comes the error "test.lua: 148: elderly to call global 'PlaySound' " I put in the file meta.xml What can be? The code I used is this: function Suono() local sound = playSound("data/test.mp3") setSoundVolume(sound, 1.0) end addCommandHandler ( "testd", Suono )
  8. Thank you all, I ask you another thing: how can I call a function from an external script? Example I have 2 script, the script is one of GM and the other is a script a client, I now would like to call a function from Client Script in GM, how can I do? Thank you in advance and I apologize for my wrong english
  9. Thanks, I'll try to see if I can "appropriated" to my GM. Any question: how to save ahn ElementData to the user file?
  10. Yes, but to me I need to save data and reload to login and see what you can not ...
  11. Hello, I need a system of registration / login. I already tried logingui just do not work properly with my gamemode ...
  12. Thanks, it works: D One other thing I'm creating a login script, only that I want to know how I can verify that a particular file exists ... I would also know how I can verify that a player is on a point specified by me .. Yes, I read your guide robhol, is interesting and simple
  13. Hello, I want to know how can I create a variable only for a player just like this: PlayerFaction [thePlayer] = 1 Edit: How do I remove a ped after you create it?
  14. Hello, I need a GM for a server based roleplay. What I need is: System for registration / login; Factions; Bye
  15. GriLLeX

    Amx converter...

    Yes, I have configured the various files and followed the guide, the problem is that GM is loaded but the MTA is as if we were reading the various spawn points and other settings, I tried to convert a GM is more naked, but the same error.
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