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  1. mhh its obviously an april fool
  2. SnYp3

    A weird error

    or u could stop hacking....
  3. gl romeo remember me..im stil waiting for u to come and kill me....mr big on tha internet......
  4. SnYp3

    [U] - Untouchables

    ur english is appauling
  5. w00t bk on th mta forums after so many months
  6. i dont think those 2 weps was pickups i think it was after a person died maybe cuz i doubt theyd put a pickup half way in the water or half way in the ground
  7. lol jakkas ur the fool that said warping is the same as jumping...and no it isnt mate
  8. lol i did that sig all by myself lol, but with my photoshop i have to change my pc date to 22nd december 2003 otherwise it says the serial u have entered has expired
  9. yea if ur in finland and u connect to a server in uk ur ping will be high cuz ur far away from the server
  10. since 0.5 i think i have played dm twice.got pwned by sum lil twat who never played it b4 and havin to put up with sum uber laggers. but stunts ok lol aint got gta3 but i hear its good. cough [GL]Romeo u have my address im waiting...for u to "kill" me...ha
  11. if u install sp2 u get diff colours in the client, like black white pink and brown but sp2 is a crock od wank so uninstalled it
  12. then i suggest you take all of those into account and go make your own GTA mp mod. gg. no i suggest u get it sorted and dont try to be clever
  13. the txt in the client is in defferent colours lol...well mine is
  14. SnYp3

    Sorry guys

    u can still nade glicth tho lol without even moving anywhere
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