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  1. I'm guessing someone has created this: Is there a gamemode that lets you place objects and checkpoints on a multiplayer freeroam server in order to create races for racemode? It'd be really fun to be able to get together with friends and make maps together. Does this exist? Is there already a way to do this? Thanks!
  2. There are some videos somewhere in the scripting forum. It's basically a tool that can be used for towing or really anything - simply a rope physics tool, I guess? Try and find the videos.
  3. Hey Talidan/coders, can I get an update on this? It would be really nice to have fixed.
  4. In single player, to perform a stealth kill you must be: 1.) Crouched, walking, or still. Running or sprinting will prevent a stealth kill. 2.) Be holding the targeting key and be facing the target. Your character may be facing any direction, but your camera must face the target, allowing things like facing away and turning and stealth killing someone in range instantly. 3.) Be no less than 90 degrees off of directly behind your target. You can knife from the side, as long as you are slightly behind. To be vulnerable, the target must be still or walking. The target may be firing, but being in a melee stance will prevent a stealth kill.
  5. I actually love the knife, and I loved instakilling people in SA-MP because it was extremely difficult (and poorly synced) but if you pulled it off it felt great! The reason I'm posting this bug report is because I'm developing a roleplay mode, and I'd like to include the knife as a possible weapon, but the way things are now it's just too good!
  6. I'm continuing to test (and abuse) the knife in games of Stealth. With Cloak, you're pretty much unstoppable as long as you can get someone alone. In gigantic games of TDM it's even more hilarious as long as there is cover. Simply changing the code so that players must first enter a walking, standing, or crouching state before knifing would fix this entirely.
  7. That's the thing - test the knife in single player. You have to stop running and either be in a walk or standing still to trigger it. In MTA, you can run in circles and if you're behind your target they will be instakilled. It's much, much more difficult in single player.
  8. The knife is tons of fun, but at this point I think it's moderately oversynced/overpowered. You need only run around someone mashing your fire key with it to kill them, a surefire way to win any 1 on 1 duel at mid to close range. In sa-mp, the knife was (is) horribly broken, and nearly completely unsynced, however to knife someone you must be standing behind their position and not running. I don't know how to make this change, but it should be a little bit harder to knife people in the middle of a gunfight!
  9. Weird, I think it was a resolution issue. I switched to windowed mode 1024*768*32 and it works fine now, for the first time. I'll post again if it's back in fullscreen mode.
  10. My health/ammo HUD just isn't showing up at all. I can see other menus, and the chatbox, and other players' health just fine. Any ideas? I can't find a setting anywhere to turn it off, or on.