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  1. LMFAO....good luck hack busters
  2. yeah im updating it slowly with our new members
  3. Pimpin aint easy. and ruger its kinda obvious though by the name that its a clan.
  4. thanx again guys...and Hey Scythe whats up? been awhile since i seen either u or quiky....yeah we gonna be playing SA til then though VC so if if you interested. if anything find me in #TF on irc or ask quiky if u talk to him for my msn addy nice hearing from you again. and Noobi i had joined but walked away had some stuff to do befor i could do anything besides my mic was screwy til now.
  5. ..:: The Faction ::.. The Faction was created on February 13, 2004 by Crow and JoStud. We currently play MTA:Vice City and MTA:GTAIII. We are an active entity in the Turf War League. Visit The Faction Online for more information. Server IP Port:2003 ....:: The Law of the Faction ::... 1) Be respectful of other gamers and clans. Any disrespectful remarks will result in a warning. Repeated offenses to this law will result in a boot from The Faction. 2) Kill by any means you think necessary, but do not ruin others gaming experience doing so. 3) Never insult other clans or
  6. w00t w00t all late to post here lol
  7. yeah they'll be down for some time but ill try and have them up as soon as things fall into place.
  8. w00t i appreciate the good comments....well time to go im tired as hell its late woke up 2 early...ltrz
  9. thanx crack...i know we'll get there sometime soon...we r going great now at the moment so all i can say is W00t hehe well gotta go ltrz
  10. Yep rex be prepared hehe i already trained one which he got very good already.
  11. TF is now recruiting anyone interested contact us..anyways this is my first post here lol so look forward to continue chatting in here with everyone.
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