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  1. oh right...good luck on not getting pwned any more and as jakkass said good luck with your dictator career
  2. wtf is with you guys, you get pwned and take it out on a guy who voices his opinion, I suggest if you dont like free opinion go make your own forum and turn off posting....these are the mta forums not the TLR (anti freedom forums) TLR - The Last Resort....yep the publics last resort to get some freedom of speech before these guys pwn every forum
  3. lol i didnt want a dedicated server for one mta server...I wanted to host mine and a few friends....thanks guys
  4. does anyone know how you can buy a server directly from the docklands place in london they got beef bandwidth
  5. you got the same package as me lol.. i thought it was pretty good how they upgraded us from...512kbs...to 712kbps then to 1012 kbs all for free
  6. Yea thats blueyonder who im with, they are great but the upload speed pfff.....whats the poiint in having 4mb with less than 300kbps upload ??? the connection cant probly reach 4mb download because the upload cant keep up
  7. nonono what i meant was this i didnt just want to host my mta server i wanted to host a few mta servers on a dedicated server...not my pc....my pc is crap 1mbps...even if u do go faster in the uk the upload speed stays the same....
  8. Hi guys, thanks for all your help, it has worked out to expensive to go dedicated so, I bought a server from Oxidehost hopefully youll see my server around soon
  9. Alas......its gonna cost me £1,000's jus not worth it
  10. ive managed to get the company from £1 per gb to 35p per gb by pay mbps stil alot tho
  11. Anywhere you guys recomend for dedicated? Cheers
  12. thanks mate, im paying monthly though not for the connection speed, the connection speed is burstable to 100mbps. so im guessing 20mbps x 60 seconds x 60 minutes x 24 hours x 30 days = 1728000 mb = 1728 GB? £1 per gb....im gonna go bankrupt
  13. Hi guys, Great job doing mta, keep up the good work...plz Anyway, im buying a dedicated server for me and a few other guys so we can have our own mta servers. I just need to know if anyone has any stats on bandwidth? how much bandwidth 1 player uses a month etc.... So i know how much bandwidth I need to order. Cheers guys
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