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  1. Update 07/09/09 BUMP ...We're Back! ..more like am back ;p ..3 years Is everyone still around? MTA:BLUE finally arrived ..gjoo mta team =D> -Capone
  2. Update 22/05/06 Welcome the following new members. [DNA]Un0 [DNA]loGix! [DNAr]FraggerLT And our SA-MP server is finally here; Team-DNA.net - SA-MP Server GTA-Host IP: -Capone
  3. I did post on your forums for a match but ya guys don't liek SA-MP.
  4. Update 09/05/06 Bump. ..heh ..Its been a while snice i last updated here, Anyway we have some new members & Recruit.. (half of them joined & left pretty while ago but i forgot to update this thread) [DNA]IPCONFIG [DNA]KlaSh [DNA]nXs [DNA]Weeze [DNA]Willz [DNAr]Clubman And the following two are no longer in DNA. [DNA]Yetty [DNA]Recoil Okay we got two new servers, Frist.. the MTA SA Race (22/04/06) hosted by GTA-Host IP: and the second is a Public Team-speak server (03/05/06)thanks to IPCONFIG. IP: CSS server coming soo
  5. Don't fink that falls under asia anyway GL.
  6. Good Game, Good luck to all of you that made it to the next round.
  7. Yo chode post a time and date for match and ill gt bk to ya, cant seem to catch you on msn -Capone
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