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  1. Thanks for letting me know about the status issue. That part was kinda rushed so it wasn't tested very well... About the PM thing, i think the first param (labelled as channel) will say the persons nickname if it was a PM. not 100% on that though. The status issue is now fixed for both Windows and Linux. Just need to update your DLL/SO with the attached file(s): http://liberty-unleashed.co.uk/MTA/ml_ircecho.zip Apologies for not releasing this update any sooner and not really touching this module much. Been a tad busy lately
  2. To make it work with linux, just place the ml_ircecho.so in your /server/mods/deathmatch/modules folder and add to your config. If it dont work then, i'm afraid i cant help much. I'm pretty new to linux so dont really know much about it
  3. Easily done. just change this: if string.find( szText, "!say" ) == 1 then outputChatBox(szNick .. " [iRC]: " .. string.sub( szText, 6 ) ) elseif string.find( szText, "!players" ) == 1 then ircMessage( pIRC, szChannel, "4There are currently " .. getPlayerCount() .. " players connected" ) end to this: outputChatBox(szNick .. " [iRC]: " .. szText ) if string.find( szText, "!players" ) == 1 then ircMessage( pIRC, szChannel, "4There are currently " .. getPlayerCount() .. " players connected" ) end The !say bit can be found under functio
  4. I tired this earlier on the IRC server you said and got the same problem I'm puzzled to why this happens but i'll look into it. For now though, i'd suggest using another IRC server (gtanet is a nice one ) *Update* After a few minutes messing around i fixed the problem Just redownload the zip
  5. Finally figured out how to compile a linux version! From my brief testing it seems to work. It does everything that the windows version does The SO is included in the zip with the windows dll
  6. To everybody having the error 'Cannot load/find module 'ml_IRCEcho.dll'... The problem was that you needed the Visual Studio 2005 redist since i compiled the dll on 2005. Now compiled a new dll which i have included in the zip so just simply redownload the package
  7. ermm a quick google search on 'Invalid ELF header' suggests its a linux error... This module only works with windows servers at the moment. A linux version is in the pipeline though so be patient
  8. Yeh this occurs when the module isn't loaded. The server should say MODULE: Loaded 'IRCEcho' by 'VRocker' (2.0) or something like that on server start. If it doesn't say anything about modules then your using the wrong way to load modules in the mtaconfig.conf In the mtaconfig.conf is says to use example.dll That is the wrong way to load. That will cause the error you are recieving. Instead use It should then work but i have heard of people having issues loading modules (failing to load and not being able to find the file even though it exists in the right place)
  9. Updated script to v2! Loads of fixes and a better script. Also added a few more functions which have been requested.
  10. This is not a server script. its for the client. tomozj hasn't posted the server script for it. Anyway to get client scripts working, change type="server" to type="client" in your meta. But like i said, if you had it working all it would do is output stuff to the chatbox since theres no server script and it doesn't look finished
  11. Right, theres a few things wrong with this script. Suprised the debug didn't moan at you tbh First of all, i notice you do: if ( mouseon == 0 ) then ActivateMouse() end else DeactivateMouse() end LUA doesn't work that way, you have a stray 'end' before your else. It should be: if ( mouseon == 0 ) then ActivateMouse() else DeactivateMouse() end Its the same with elseif's Down on line 72 you have this: function outputStatus() but with no matching end. Every 'function' needs an end even if it doesn't have anything in. Anyway fr
  12. Updated the script with !say and fixed several crashes. The !players command can easily be added in by looking at the !say command
  13. After noticing the lack of IRC Echo bots for MTASA (and after being asked by Mount) i decided to make one. This echo consists of a module and a lua script. The module connects to the IRC server and parses several commands aswell as keeping the connection alive. The script supports multiple connections to the same or differant IRC servers and can change nickname and join channels on demand. Heres a list of functions and callbacks: Functions: ircInit() - Initializes the module with the resource so it can be used ircOpen( IP, Port, Nick, Channel, [ Password ] ) - Readys a connect
  14. My scariest... an email off Take2 Anti-Piracy team. See below! When i recieved it i was thinking OH SHIT! but if you read it they're simply asking to take it down. The host did that for me anyway, aswell as denying that the site ever existed... I miss my lil torrent site
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