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  1. Dont host here guys, i got ticketed for paying my bills too late, but their payment system was not working, just like almost their entire site now. goto http://www.busign.nl/ and click meer informatie (more information) and it has 404 lol
  2. You don't know what you're saying. A good scripter don't need much time to use the setElementData and other things. It's so easy. I don't think someone will donate or will choose you. If you're good scripter like you say, show your skills. Omg if only everyone is here to take me down jesus stupid ragers in here
  3. Dear GanJaRuleZ, Fuck you. You have no idea what my conditions are in scripting, and i have NEVER EVER said ONLY belgium or dutch, as there is written english is fine, and im not going to script in brazilian or something... Now go write somewhere else useless posts and go back in the dark corner where you were noob.
  4. Pm it to him... i was talking with you. Im not making a dm server dude
  5. Sorry, but what have you done so far? A small login GUI with setAccountData? I would accept a scripter to have problems with object orientated programming but MySQL is an obligatory skill for anybody who calls himself a "scripter". In addition to that PHP becomes more and more important in MTA, so do you have any PHP skills? Nevermind, good luck finding someone who is going to give you 15% of his donations. Thank you for reading the entire post before giving feedback. Not.
  6. viewtopic.php?f=91&t=41352&p=418901#p418901
  7. You didnt write it you copied it from the wiki, and what exactly do you want to be done?
  8. Hi im tinne, 15 years old and im from Holland. I can speak pretty good english and know lua scripting very well. I am willing to script for a server (i prefer RP, RPG or deathmatch) and im for free, untill there are donations. I want 15% of the donations, IF the server host is still affordable. The only downside is, i need some time for scripts and im having a hard time with gui's and server side stuff..., for example setElementData and setAccountData and stuff, and im in my exam year, that means i still have to go to school and need to make some homework now and then, but i have plenty of tim
  9. Heey guys, some people asked me how to script and i learned 2 people how to, but it was a pain in the ass... So i decided to make a little video how to make your first script. The video is horrible but the testing part at 00:30 is very useful. Just read this or the youtube description. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-ctTNQ8lxk --Okay first of all, this is for all who wants to learn how to script. --I was too lazy to teach everyone individually how to script, so here are some basics. --First i want to make sure you understand the differences between client and server, --I know there ar
  10. Ye, its a DM map, and ye, you were right. He doesnt respond when i hit the marker, so i changed it to onMarkerHit, and now it works!! But, when i hit the marker, he outPutChatBox's it 2 times! You know how to fix this?
  11. wtf the outputchatbox messages are all screwed up, they should be outputChatBox ( "OMFG THE TANK IS SINKING, so the cars won. GZ. Now kill eachother with the hunter! :D", getRootElement(), 255, 0, 0, true )
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