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  1. September 19th - International Speak Like a Pirate Day? I see.
  2. You should post on our forums. ;p http://thefaction.habrown.com/
  3. Yeah, with ASE I can see 3 of them in a server right now.
  4. CoD is okay with some mods out there. Like SWAT.
  5. I don't think CKY is a real clan. Just the name of a band. People would know this if they watched Viva La Bam. Edit: But then again...
  6. Scythe

    My idea

    Edit: This is for San Andreas. Hmm I've been thinking of something cool for a game mode. Have like everyone confined to Area 51.. And it can be night time and be like that one mission where you steal that jetpack. Except it's like a DM. And the weapons you get could be like: Sniper Rifle, Silenced Pistol and maybe something else, I don't know what to choose. And of course.. a piece of equipment you can use is nightvision.. As for the area.. I said confined inside Area 51. So it could be inside and outside Area 51 if that could be possible. If anyone has any comments or ideas to say, please sa
  7. He's away at the moment. >:[ So could you just PM me your MSN? Thanks.
  8. *Double post* Oh and hey Chaos. I am that same Scythe. I'm still friends with Quiky.
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