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  1. CS: S is a game you shud all buy, i have had it a few weeks now and im beginning to get good, worth every penny
  2. Well if this was to happen count me out i h8 this clan rofl, well i dnt h8 them, they just h8 me so im not exactly gonna like em
  3. Server Patch works fine GJ team
  4. Theres no need lol its just more work to do on somethin that is already there, i see no point
  5. yea and server admins can choose to put bots ingame etc, this would be a nice feature
  6. you can run with pistol but not straight away after shooting stubby
  7. Stubby shud go back to 0.4.1 but try doing somethin to dissalow the crouch, and m60 back to 0.4 aswell thats my opinion Edit: and a little more m60 ammo wud be nice
  8. yea me 2 i think they have done a great job in gta3 and stunt but DM has gone downhill, yes there was glitching going on alot but u have stopped 1 glitch to bring back anova, tbh i dont see the point. sorry but thats my opinion
  9. Yea the lag is worse twice as bad as 0.4.1
  10. can w8 for this its gonna pwn
  11. nah i cant m8, hmm /me thinks the name [uK]DoPeY was accused of having a cracked client then i got kicked, hmmm then i rejoined as a dif name about 1 week later so actually im goin nowhere i have had no 1 accuse me since i rejoined so im staying
  12. no all jax is doing now is trying to get me kicked from UK, but unlucky m8 i left so u cant
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