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  1. First of all i would like to say that im the biggest Scooterfreak on this forum, second, i would like to ask if someone knows if there is more moped skins than only one (the Piaggio NRG) and where i can get them
  2. That would be such a good idea. I HATE those stubby wars always occuring inside the robber spawn because people don't get out in time. EDIT: And maybe so you also are able to turn other lame weapons off, e.g. the Mexicans chainsaw.
  3. Anyone got an idea of where i can get the Vice City modification "CoolGTA" for Vice City? I tried Google loads of times but i cant find anything
  4. VCES i have never been cheating in any games in my whole life, and i dont have any intentions to do it, so you must have thinked about some other guy.
  5. This is just to all MTA Server admins.. CALM DOWN! I am so tired of see people being banned for abosulutely nothing. I was an admin once so i know how stressed the job is, and that you are constantly under pressure but calm down anyway! Kick or tempban at most! This is not to scold the fair-admins but i just think a lot of MTA server admins is way to godlike to be admins.. just if some other players are blaming a player for cheat the admin uses "!ban Player Cheating" HEY! What about see it for yourself? When i was an admin and e.g got a blame on a person, i want to see the person flying hi
  6. I dont think tanks will come there.. you know you just have to hit a car with 5 kph and then the car explodes. Therefore. Players will be too godlike when sitting in a tank, so the game will be unfair for the others
  7. Try to ask some of them british pigs in here they surely know it
  8. Oh fuck off with those cheats man.. only n00bs cheats
  9. Is there made a script/mod/addon for Vice City normal playing with pedestrians and so, that does that cars doesnt respawn? Its pretty annoying when setting up scenes for a movie, that the cars respawn when turning the back to it. Or a mod which can lock cars or so? I mean so the cars is like in MTA where they never respawn before they explode!
  10. AuRoN nice movie I just made my first stunt movie too (download it at http://www.thegamersalliance.com/dynami ... =ivcs1.zip) but the only thing i can complain about is that you are showing stunt from Auron Else it is very nice for at noob like myself
  11. Thanks for the very miserable response. I dont think you realized thats its my FIRST movie ever, and its the first movie i ever edit.
  12. Hello out there! I've just made my FIRST stunt movie ever! I think it's pretty good myself, compared to it's my first movie ever. All clips are "real" stunt clips, that means that it's not just replays of random "lucky" stunts, its recorded "live" It took me about 2 whole days recordning the clips in Fraps. The movie is then edited in Windows Movie Maker. Before i made this movie, i never trying editing a movie before, so it was some of a task I also made a homepage the project: http://www.ivcs.1go.dk I'm planning to make a lot of more movies, cause i think it's pretty fun All the clips
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