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  1. Why does this resource needs admin rights? What it does or what functionality it uses that need for the resource itself to have admin rights? And is a compiled resource, you cant know what it does internally ...
  2. There can be axis aligned boxes too, i had placed a box incorrectly. Maybe thats why gta was ignoring it Now happens this that is very rare: The collisions seems to be incorrect in the orginal interior In the other hand if i create the objects manually the collisions are correct (interior 0) and (interior 2)
  3. Is there any limitation with the type of mesh? Like no boxes, or that doesnt make a diff? A polygonal mesh seems to work fine. But one with boxes doesnt.
  4. It is possible to replace col meshes for world objects, or only for mtasa created ones? I mean i replace collision for an object X, the collision will be effective for objects created by mta? or it will be effective for all existing (world) objects of type X? im trying to replace a missing interior collision mesh but it doesnt seems to work
  5. Compressed textures(skins) using G-TXD (DXT1 compression) The size of the final package (zombies.zip) gets reduced to 1MB or so what is always good, i believe.
  6. Hi ive been thinking about this for a while What about using an special client on the server side as part of the server itself. This client would have a vision and streaming range for the entire world. This would require the entire world to be loaded. Everything would be synced in this special client that would be running along with the server. Intensive syncing between server and this client would be free as they run in the same computer or lan. this would heavily increase memory and cpu usage for the server, although the client could be tweaked to reduce this as max as posible. this cl
  7. karloz

    Sync Shot?

    Clear question, clear answer except that i never said theres auto-aiming. "While this is fair this is not only compensating but this seems to be acting like autoaiming" but nvm surely is just me.
  8. karloz

    Sync Shot?

    know someone had to say it . As i said i can probe ... I dont say sync is bad but dont understand why network has to be enforced to local vsync. Making you perform bad with low fps even if you have a good ping. I perform much better in a server with FPS-max 30 with 200 ping than in a server with 45 fps-max with 50 ping. And that compensation as i said is like autoaiming it makes fighting gay. A noob( and you know is a noob just seeing how it moves) just stops (anyone know a guy stopped is a guy dead) and start firing and follow you with the weapon. When you fire continuosly with an ak-47 at
  9. karloz

    Sync Shot?

    I have 25-30 fps In servers where i have 60-100 ping: In race my car run slower that any others car. Just the car is slow. Starting the race pressing forward with the same car no nitro all ppl runs more than me. When fighting others players they run more than me and they have higher firerates. While this is fair this is not only compensating but this seems to be acting like autoaiming. A guy with high ping dont need to aim just point near and shots seems to go straight to the oponent. Be cos of the speed thing or for the compensating, theres nothing i can do, im a puppet to shot at. And
  10. I know some libraries are blocked but not all (math.*). MTA functions returns a file handle, i didnt know if that handle could be a lua file handle, in which case this maybe could be done: local theLine local fhandle = fileOpen("test.txt") -- attempt to open the file if fhandle then -- check if it was successfully opened theLine = fhandle:read("*line") --read a line end fileClose(hFile) As i said i havent used files myself inside MTA was just dropping the idea.
  11. Use police striper model and change the texture maybe that will do it
  12. if for some reason you want to recompile mta why dont you go for visual studio? like express or something
  13. i dont understand, you mean writing or reading? if you want to write to the next line just insert a new line character "\n" dunno if this could work from the lua manual, havent access files with mta The read function reads strings from the current input file. Its arguments control what is read: "*all" reads the whole file "*line" reads the next line "*number" reads a number num reads a string with up to num characters
  14. karloz

    Player Limit

    I think shouldn't be a hardcoded limit, but this is something server administrator should carefully choose depending on its server capabilities. If someone manage to get a server with a big amount of bandwidth, he could safely raise this limit. If someone want more player and he has bandwidth troubles he just should low its limit or just change to a better connection.
  15. I know what they for eAi, in fact you can use whatever syntax you want. But if someone would want to write a third party tool that would need to parse these files, they would fail to parse, since they dont use the XML standard syntax that is <?id ?>. Anyway this is not gonna happens as i dont think no one but MTA itself needs to parse these files, and MTA understand the <* *> syntax. These files are only needed to be opened as plain text for editing. But for the encoding here there is a case where a third party tool (MTASE) fails to parse files cos of malformed XML. These should
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