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  1. Lol, im not going to read any router manual because i cant play this game!. There must be one more easy solution...
  2. Im sick of this. After waiting close ( or more) than 2 years MTA 1.0, now i cant connect to any server. Sometimes the Master Server scan all servers, but when i try to connect to them "connection timed out" or "mta verification failed" appears. Sometimes the Master Server scan only 4 servers and they are always the same: "ankerboard's server, SAES, and others 2 i dont remember now...". Of course i cant connect to them. Sometimes it doesnt scan anything. And Sometimes i can play normally, with luck. If i dont find any fix quick i i definitely going to stop to play this damm game...
  3. LR-yoyo

    LR-yoyo maps

    lol thanks hehehe
  4. LR-yoyo

    LR-yoyo maps

    wtf. ¿When this was released? ¿Did you post this on 'news'? I didnt see this in anywhere. I have been outdated for so long Thanks ! EDIT Maybe im doing something wrong i cant run the map editor. See the image below: http://img194.imageshack.us/i/mapeditor.jpg/
  5. LR-yoyo

    LR-yoyo maps

    Hello! Over the last years there have been too many changes in MTA... and in my computer too! I write because i lost all of my maps and i hope someone have them in their hardisk or something btw I really want to say 'thanks' to all that people that like ( or love ) my maps. It's incredible, still now, many players remember me cuz of my maps and ask me if "im the real yoyo of a fake" Im crazy waiting for the new map editor release to create more new maps for all of you. Nothing more. See you! P.D: Sorry for my english
  6. This is a little weird: I changed the "Walk" Key to "Supr" and when i press Supr my player walks. BUT , if i change the "jump" key to "Supr" my player DOESNT jump, he still walks. Give me an explanation please.
  7. Hello, this is my problem: In my normal mode of San Andreas my Jump Key is "Supr" or "Left control". But in MTA the controls changed to "Space" or "Left control" so i changed it to the "Supr" key. The problem is that when i change that Key in MTA, the name of the Key is not "Supr" : It's "Delete". I tried to jump with the "delete" key and doestn work, I tried to jump with the "Supr" key and doesnt work. Help! I cant jump!
  8. LR-yoyo

    LR-yoyo maps

    Thanks everyone. Now, test the 10th!
  9. Looks very good, this is a good map and very well done. We need more people like you in map making. Congrats.
  10. New LR-yoyo map: LR-yoyo_desert
  11. OMFG ! Wow, incredible. Good work rickets007. Want to play one of those maps, upload it in lw . See ya
  12. A LR-yoyo map for testing. I couldn't do much without proper tools but... Name: LR-yoyo_bridge I wish you enjoy it!
  13. Incredible. Upload it at littlewhitey server
  14. Kisses is just an example and i dont want that for 1st priority . There are other nice animations like dance I dont spect this in the first release of course, just for the future.
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