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  1. Sometimes when my friend or me dies or changes car, we must re-synch to see each other, but thats no problem i think.
  2. Here is a info about a release of... eeerr... another MP-Mod? I'm not really understanding these posts.... ('Cause I'm a idiot ^^)
  3. My friend an me played today a stunt park-mod... It worked... We both installed the mod on our machines
  4. After using the search function I havent found anyone yet, who had the same idea. Do you remember Assault in UT? Team A must assault the base of team B in a timelimit. When it's done, Team A must defend the base as long as the first limit was. I think it's a great idea for GTA3 in multiplayer I give just an example: Base: The skysraper, wich you can go upstairs (uh, english? ) Its the 11 in this map: Here's a cutout of the 'base': I think thats a good place for that. If team A wants to take the base, they must take 2-3 checkpoins (for example a cycle where a member of the team
  5. i dont know if the competiton is still running, but anyway, i post my screenshots 1. Wugga! 2. He has forgotten his car Uuuaah
  6. Yes, and a few minutes ago, i tested to play ggm in LAN... Cool multiplayer, when you can't see the other player, whatever you do... Edit: And of course - the other player cant see you neither!
  7. Thanks, but it isnt very difficult to see this, u just must read my posts and u see that
  8. I think you haven't played ggm yet, when my friends an me play, every minutes anyone's gta has an error...
  9. "Respect is everything..." *gg* After reading Blokker's post i can see the team's point more clearly than before... And i'm not as sad as before (huh, is that english? argh! *gg*), 'cause i know there will be a better version be, than it would be tomorrow.
  10. Or u can also make shortcuts to the mp3z in the mp3-directory (as i know), when you haven't enough space for some more mp3z But i'm sick of changing stations everytime i get in a car... And i don't like it when there's no music when i'm not in a car... *g* Ok, i know, i'm an idiot!
  11. Err.... everything ok with you? Ok, i'm sad about the delay, but to hate the team because of this? That's not ok! U know, they're working for us on a multiplayer-mod for gta3... And this mod is freeware too! Now you should start to think... And remember, you can't look into the future...
  12. When I like to hear mp3z from my PC, I just open winamp, and that's imho the best way, 'cause you can also select a title you like to hear...
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