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  1. xSarahx

    Bin Pickup

    Anyway, I re-installed GTA SA and MTA freshly new (everything removed and installed again) 2 weeks ago. I still have that problem. Can anyone tell me why? I have MTA v1.0.3 GTA SA v2.0 EU (downgraded to 1.0) Any idea?
  2. xSarahx

    Bin Pickup

    When I click on Race Pickup, it appears to be a bin. I can't double click on it, but when I go to test mode, it appears to be a nos pickup. I want repair pickup too but I encountered this problem. One time it came up as a coffee and a bun tray not a bin. I re-downloaded MTA 1.0.3 and I still have this problem. I had set my map settings and definition to 'race'.
  3. Anyone know why? I have put Race on map settings & Definition and it still doesn't work, not at any Race maps at all... [19:43:09] Starting race [19:43:10] edf.lua: Loaded definitions for 'race'. - Line: 155 [19:43:10] start: Resource 'race' started [19:43:41] Starting freeroam [19:43:41] start: Resource 'freeroam' started [19:43:41] Stopping race [19:43:41] ERROR: mapmanager: Map 'editor_test' is not compatible with 'race'. It won't start race at all... Thanks.
  4. So anyway, I might get an Apple Mac for my graphic design work because using PC and transferring work to Mac at my college will turn out absolutely horrible so I am getting a Mac. In free time, I would like to play MTA SA on my Mac, because my PC just sucks ... Now I am asking, will that be possible with no problem or I will have to change some things or it won't run at all? My brother said GTA SA should work fine on it without any problems but since MTA SA is a modification, it might wouldn't work. I would love to run MTA on Mac. I have searched but I can't see any answer that answers my question. Thanks for reading.
  5. I can see MTA 1.0 is better but lately I get lots of "***NETWORK TROUBLE***" but they don't disconnect me, it is just be like 1 second , mainly in race servers. It is not a big issue at all but in DP2.3 it is very rare for me to receive that message. I notice it has some bugs but they are minor but I ain't bother because these bugs had already been noted down. The best of all, DM & Race have been put together in one and it is amazing. Our player count has increased and it is more fun to race in 30-50 players server because it is so funny and entertaining (many cars crashes/explosion/fails) hehehehe always good fun! Cookie for the MTA Team The bad thing for me is when I minimize MTA, sometimes I receive an error about Microsoft C++ and my MTA will automically close so now if I want to talk on MSN/change a song, I will have to have MTA on Windowed mode. Anyone know how to fix this? Please don't say "Stop using MSN and changing songs then" because that just don't help the situation.