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  1. onResourceStart >> onClientResourceStart outputChatBox("Welcome to My Server", thePlayer) >> outputChatBox("Welcome to My Server")
  2. blas95

    MTA car mods

    You didn't define resourceRoot, use getResourceRootElement() instead.
  3. blas95

    MTA car mods

    There's example on the wiki.
  4. He's modeling objects attached to vehicles, not weapons.
  5. blas95

    MTA car mods

  6. If creates scope, and tax2 is local to this if. Remove local keyword and this will work. Tested. @down: No problem
  7. Um, can you paste greater portion of code? Error says about arithmetic on tax2 but in this code you are performing arithmetic on itscost
  8. You are defining a local variable, and then using it outside its scope. Or maybe, I misunderstood the error. Also try tonumber(itscost)
  9. You're making a RolePlay server, am I right? Listen, making of RP script is HARD, and as far as I see in your posts, you don't know pretty much about scripting. @topic: You just want a simple variable that store a load of a truck (e.g. in percents), or it must be something more complex?
  10. Yeah, but you can't do it directly, since playSound is client-side. These functions will do the trick: AddEvent AddEventHandler PlaySound TriggerClientEvent
  11. I tested the resource, and it works. The thing is, it work only in Patriot. local guns = { [470] = { ["xPosOffset"] = 1.0, ["yPosOffset"] = 0, ["zPosOffset"] = 0 } } Is the definition of allowed vehicle ids (Patriot is 470), with position of the minigun on it. You can simply allow more vehicles, by providing their ids.
  12. And here, we see the use of requested in suggestions forum bounding box for images. You should then create one sprite image, and save ~230KB, then alter it with bounding box.
  13. radios are radios, but there are much other interesting sounds that takes kBs, like parachute-open etc.
  14. Signing for bounding box for dxDraw. You've done it for text already, so I think it will be possible. It gives a lot of possibilities. Recoloring can be done with client_anim properly tweaked And for sound, I think it can be useful, but this isn't a priority, cuz you can extract them from original data, but you can't clip images in any way.
  15. "m" is key, "down" is the state. You can also have "up" or "both"
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