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  1. Interrap

    phpMTAS release

    if i can find a free host with a mysql database, could it be hosted for free?
  2. james@pttu.tk for ini got it at last will take 2 sec to send, my mate was holding it for me whilst i formatted.
  3. you can have bigbosses' ip once i get the file
  4. You got admin+ activated on the options pannel on MTAmA? Also, the admin bit is just a part of cops+Robbers, not MTAmA..
  5. i hate you asshole, your subnet banned from the FSL server, dont bother asking to be unbanned. P.S i wasnt saying that to you nub
  6. LOL, why would i want to be unbanned from your server, FKU sucks..
  7. Interrap

    MTAMA Blacklist

    coz u been saying shit to me on msn, so i say shit about ur nan u lil fuckup, dont fucking speak 2 me, ever again, i swear if i EVER get your IP
  8. Sorry for wait its taking a couple of more days than expected.
  9. Interrap

    MTAMA Blacklist

    You fucking mug I dont mod my cheetah, your getting pissy because one time I jacked it from where it spawns, there was a sync error and because I disturbed your chase.. As for blacklist I find it really hard to belive that you would ban me for several reasons: I flooded because madboy and panther was calling my mum shit so I said your nan back, your trying to blacklist me for personal reasons.
  10. Yes please, well quiky has mine.. its !p !c !a i sent him it and it worked for him, so it will work for everyone else.
  11. ill send on msn if u want first.. or 2moz, coz quikys got it since i formatted.
  12. As i've said.. coming to posts near you, I present my MTA.DATA.INI file, which has most known buildings registered, and some which are not really registered but have names to them, these are followed: Ryton-Aide Ammunation-Downtown WK-Chariot-Hotel Bronto-Bridge bowlin-Petes-Biker-Emporium Phils-Caravan Gerpok-Hq MoistPalms StarFish-Island-Estate-Road Ocean-View-Hotel FrontPage-Cafe LightHouse Beach-Patrol-HQ Washington-Ave-Carpark Secret-Service OceanBeach-Ammunation Ocean-View-Hospital Sunshine Autos Vice-City-Transport-Police Ocean-Beach-xbassINC-Supermarket Washington-Beach-Bunch-Of-Tools Washington-Ave-Carpark-and-Raffells SpandEx Health-and-Rehabilitation VicePort-PayNSpray NorthBridge Hooker-INN-Express Fudge-Packaging-Corp RiverSide-Pavilion Funeraria-Romero Coin-Laundry Drugs-Compound Airport-Frieght-and-Cargo-Terminal Tacop-Alypse Pharmacy-By-Firestation Cafe-Under-The-Tree Construction-Site-1of2 Construction-Site-2of2 RobberSpawn Coin-Laundary-and-Grusteak John-Homes Full-Moon-Warehouse KaufmanCabs PrintWorks Bank Mansion NorthPointMall FilmStudio Military CherryPoppers PolePosition Malibu JunkYard MoistPalms FireStation PizzaPlace1 PizzaPlace2 Cafe DonutShop Robber-House Ryton-Aide-Drug-Store Vice-Old-Boat Laundrette1 Hotel-Harrison GayGordos+ScooterShop FullMoon-Warehouse-Office/LoftSpace Galeria-Musical Vice-Point-Jewllers Vice-Point-Block-Of-Flats Mercadies-Flat GolfCource JockSport TEATRO DE BELL EvilNeo's-Shoe-Repair NPM-CarPark PheonixSpawn-House Shady-Palms-Hospital Elbee-Prescriptions Ocean-Bay-Building Discount-Slumbro Little-Havana-RunDown-Houses Roxor-International Discount-Slumbro Little-Havana-RunDown-Houses Roxor-International Deacon-Hotel This was added to the mta.data.ini file of FMJ Oli and Aerons MTAMA script, so I think there zones are registered in it, if it is, thanks to Oli, and Aeron, and thanks to Oli for making the !a !p !c script - If you download please post and tell me if you like - NOTE: Rename to .txt (Sorry for gay geocities, wont upload .ini files) : : : Size: 19KB Date: 02/01/2005 URL: Url will be added 03/01/2005 sorry for delay. : : NOTE: Rename to .txt (Sorry for gay geocities, wont upload .ini files)
  13. eh? we only started clan 11pm yesterday. edit: ps. i dont have any idea of what you are talking about.
  14. ON is a new clan. ON = One Nation One Nation will have rules, standard mta-abiding rules, entry rules, and it looks like the server in signiture, may become a one nation 16man server running GRS. We havent just thought of this idea, me and a friend scythe have spent weeks planning this, and all will be viewable via our near-coming website!
  15. you couldnt had seen a 32 vc slot server, there's not even cracks for it.. i would like blue to hold 32players=>56 deff max idealy
  16. 1/1/2005 with all my other scripts.
  17. YO scythe, it works best if u just do it in good old notepad..
  18. yo scythe.. same.. its called NotePad. LOL
  19. hey angel, thanks for the tip, bigboss has been in my server and so ill ban.
  20. i dont care dew, we get about 26ppl every other day playing . like 26man-server full.
  21. Sorry if this is wwrong place, didnt know where to post it.. People say I lag? I paid 1.1k for a pc, with 128mb Geforce 5200. Connection isnt all that brilliant, people say to turn frame limiter off, i have, it runs smoothly, but hard to get used to? I got 3.0 ghz Im using 2% CPU Is it recommened i turn frame limiter off?
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