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  1. thanks heaps that fully fixed
  2. Hi, Everytime I try to load the map editor, a box comes up saying "GTA SA files have been edited". What is this suppose to mean? I have no mod what so ever on my game and haven't edited anything inside the GTA SA directory. Pls help thanks.
  3. The skins aren't medics or cops, they can do special stuff for CJ, like leave his weapons when he dies on single player etc. They give you costumes though, one of them gives you a medic costume, the others give cop, pimp, gimp and racing costume.
  4. Err what, you're going of on a tangent. The point I was stating was "If the SA:MP development team can add these skins, why can't you?" San Andreas Multi Player has really shit sync, but they can add skins that you guys can't. And now you're presenting it as if adding these skins will fuck up the sync, why can't you just have both, instead of one or the other?
  5. ^Yes this may be true, but they are only missing about 3-5 I would say. Define almost definitely for me. And how long is the 1.1 going to take? The Circle Jerk Server is a SA:MP server, but after our management saw what MTA is capable of we are moving to MTA, but a lot of our players use these skins and would be upset if they were to find them missing. Most rely on the glitched fast skins because they are better to duel with, which is what our server will be all about.
  6. Hi I'm Jumpman23 I have come here to suggest that ALL the skins in GTA:SA be in MTA:SA, I don't see why they aren't there, and if the developers of SA:MP can do it I do not see why the MTA development crew cannot, seeing as SA:MP is nothing compared to MTA. The skins that are in SA:MP which are not available on MTA are: -Ceaser -Jizzy -OG Loc -Mad Dogg -Catalina -Claude Speed -Toreno -Ryder -Big Smoke -Sweet -Officer Tenpenny -Officer Hernandez -Officer Pulaski -Kent Paul -Maccer -The Truth -Woozie There are more that aren't in SA:MP which I
  7. Gta 4 online will never compare to San Andreas Online. Anyways good job, I really like what you've done with it. Can't wait for future updates.
  8. Thanks , will be more to come when there is more stuff out with MTA.
  9. Yes, I know this already. But it would be nicer doing it ingame.
  10. MTA 1.0 is rly nice. But would you be able to add a little table where you can select the continent or country you are living in and it can show you all the servers located near you? And an Official server list would be nice.
  11. Made this with my mate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UU-x6uxeHg
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