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  1. Holy fuck GF, you're still alive?! Why were you banned?
  2. Jani

    Error 8

    Try updating to the latest version of libcurl.
  3. As far as I know this is a server problem? Try joining another server, pick one with loads of players in it.
  4. I use the Sarge build on Sarge, it works fine
  5. I'm sure Jacob released the source to SA2P - the first true multiplayer mod for GTASA
  6. this topic gives me a lol feeling inside
  7. Jani

    Making a server

    Ask him to disable it. Or get your own pc lol. Failing those two, duct tape and hammer.
  8. Tommis, read viewtopic.php?f=90&t=21335 I know it's not a solution, but it has the answer to the problem. Jax tells me it will be fixed in DP3.
  9. Wishlist: Linux version lol
  10. Very simple and useful script indeed. To use it, follow these steps: Upload the zip file to your server's resources directory. If you are using a httpmirror, create a folder named antinamecheat and extract the two files into it, and upload the folder to your mirror server. The script needs kick privileges so you need to add it to your access control list. The easiest way to do this is create a new group which has ONLY the kick privilege, so if anything goes horribly wrong with the script, the most it can do is kick. To do this, I first need to create an ACL which allows members to use the ki
  11. As long as they are only the default resources, and not custom ones, you can use mine: http://dedicated.janipewter.net/mtasadm/resources/
  12. It now appears that this is caused by the MTA software itself, and is not due to a configuration error. This is a snippet of chat from IRC:
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